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6 Features Chiropractors Should Look for in EHR Software

If you run a medical practice of any kind, then you are no doubt familiar with the numerous laws and regulations which govern HIPAA. You are most likely also aware of how much time, effort, and attention it takes to try and make sure all of your recordkeeping and documentation falls within the guidelines. 

Electronic Health Records (HER) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR), go a long way in making sure that your practice not only gets in but stays in compliance. EHR for chiropractors can help your office or clinic in ways you can’t even imagine. 

Whenever you apply technology that was custom-designed to manage these aspects of your practice, you can divert your energy and focus back on where it belongs; helping your patients. Here are 6 benefits that EHR software offers:

  1. Cloud Based Practice Management Software That Is HIPPA Compliant 

Not only do you need detailed records for your practice that fall within HIPAA guidelines, but you also need to make sure that those records are backed up digitally using cloud software. EHR technology allows you to do exactly that by keeping your documents and reports in a secure, cloud storage facility with daily backup.

  1. Online Calendar Management and Virtual Scheduling

With so much going on in a chiropractic office, from appointment setting to providing patient care to billing and dealing with insurance companies, it is very easy for things to fall between the cracks. That’s why virtual calendar management is a must. You can also set it to send you email and/or text alerts.

  1. Individualized or Office-Wide Billing System

You can customize your EHR for chiropractors software to handle the billing and payment information for a single patient, a group of patients, or the entire network for your practice. This makes the billing process significantly less time-consuming and tedious. 

  1. Instant Reporting and Documentation Reviews/Analysis

The ability to instantly pull up information regarding any number of aspects of your practice is not only a huge time-saver; it can also save you thousands in lost income or failure of compliance fines.

  1. Fully Customizable System 

It’s not just certain aspects of the software that are customizable, virtually the entire system can be individualized to handle the tasks and responsibilities that you want it to take care of. It is also customizable for multiple profiles and users.

  1. Automated Daily Backups and Entries

We touched on this briefly in the first point, but it is worth reiterating. By backing up your entries daily, you never have to worry about one key piece of information ever being overlooked or improperly documented.

Getting the Right Kind of EHR for Chiropractors Software in Your Practice

Now, just because the benefits of EHR technology are clearly worth looking into doesn’t mean that you should simply sign up for the first service provider you come across. There are a lot of things to consider. 

First, you should decide what specific areas your practice needs help in the most, and make a list. Speak with your employees about how their tasks could become more streamlined and possibly even automated. Then, once you have a good idea of what you need from your software, look for a provider that offers those particular features.

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