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Among Us Rip Offs

With a unique social deduction concept, compatibility across platforms, immersive multiplayer experience, and over 60 million active monthly players, Among Us is a dream product for every game publisher. InnerSloth LLC released the game in 2018, and it soon reached the top of the charts. There’s no surprise that other game developers started working on Among Us rip-offs.

Today, there are at least a dozen games like Among Us. While some of them are different games based on a similar concept, other games are almost a clone with some changes. Today, let’s look at some Among Us rip-offs.

Among Us

Well, let’s appreciate the publisher for creating a new game by just adding an alphabet to the original name. But the publisher did not do such a great job at creating a clone. The game is almost identical to Among Us with worse graphics. The maps are the same, and there’s almost no difference in gameplay.

Among Us Rip Offs
Among Us Rip Offs

The only difference you may notice is that you get a top-level or bird’s eye view of the characters. However, some Among Us players believe that Roblox, the developer of Amongst Us, has done a decent job with the game, and it’s a good rip-off to Among Us.

Among Us in 3D: Among Us Rip-Offs

Next up on our list is Among Us 3D, developed by Fat Dino, a YouTuber. He even claimed in a video that the game would DESTROY your PC. Whether it destroys your PC is something you’ll need to check, but the first impressions of the game are awesome.

Among Us is a great game, but let’s face it — it could use some better graphics. Among Us 3D is the exact same game with superior graphics. Big names in the gaming community also tried the game and appreciated it.

What’s more, the developer recorded the entire game development process and uploaded it on YouTube. If you’re interested in game development, you will find the video series pretty satisfying.

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Murder Us

Murder Us is another popular Among Us rip-off that is even available on the Play Store. Released at the end of 2020, the game has earned over a million downloads, and many players are still playing it. The graphics are mediocre. They’re in 2D, and the characters look childish. In the graphics department, Murder Us does a worse job than Among Us.

However, Murder Us does one thing better than Among Us, and that’s one of the reasons for its high popularity. It allows you to create a map. Yes, you heard that right. You can design a map and play with friends. If you’re bored of the same maps in Among Us and have a map idea in mind, Murder Us lets you translate that idea into reality.

Sadly, that’s the only good thing about the game. Apart from that, there are not any reasons to play this game instead of Among Us. If the map creator feature interests you, you can try Murder Us.

Werewolf Among Us: Among Us Rip-Offs

A discussion about rip-offs is incomplete without China (no offense). You may have come across a lot of games cloned by Chinese game developers and publishers, and one of those games is Werewolf Among Us — a rip-off of Among Us. For some unknown reasons, Among Us didn’t release in China. It didn’t take Chinese game companies long to create a clone.

Among Us Rip Offs
Among Us Rip Offs

However, it’s not right to call Werewolf Among Us a clone, really. Though the concept is taken from Among Us, the graphics are different, and so is the gameplay. The gameplay is calmer and more enthusiastic with pleasing music. It’s different from the tense and mysterious backdrop in Among Us.

The best thing about the game, at least according to me, is that the character designs are adorable.

All in all, Werewolf Among Us is a clone of Among Us, but it isn’t the exact copy of Among Us like Amongst Us or Murder Us. So, this is a game you could try.

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Space Mafia: Among Us Rip-Offs

Space Mafia is another rip-off to Among Us, and it’s almost an identical copy of the game. You can find the game on Tap Tap and Play Store. The game looks like a copy of Among Us — the graphics are the same, and so is the gameplay. The characters also look quite similar.

A positive thing about Space Mafia is that its graphics, although similar, are better than Among Us. Unlike the 2D graphics seen in Among Us, Space Mafia has 3D graphics, and the maps and characters look more embossed and detailed. Besides, the publisher didn’t copy the maps. They designed unique maps and also did a good job coming up with a different name.

Imposter Inside Us

If there was an Among Us rip-off that was developed entirely to leverage the popularity of Among Us to earn money, it was Imposter Inside Us. The game was quite similar to Among Us with small changes. For example, the crewmates are known as “people,” and the imposter is known as “murderer.”

Among Us Rip Offs
Among Us Rip Offs

A reason for this game’s failure was its choice of words. The title of the game is Imposter Inside Us, but the imposter is actually known as a murderer. The gameplay was not at all engaging. The only positive thing about Imposter Inside Us was the graphics. It offers 3D gameplay, which looks better than the 2D graphics of Among Us.

Which Rip-Off Is the Best?

Now that we’ve talked about various Among Us rip-offs, let’s talk about the best and worst ones. The best one, without any doubt, is Among Us in 3D by Fat Dino. If you’re looking for an upgraded Among Us experience, try that out. The worse ones are Amongst Us and Imposter Inside Us, purely because the games are almost identical, and the developer didn’t put much effort into creating something different.

Wrap Up: Among Us Rip-Offs

Among Us is one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and the emergence of its rip-offs isn’t surprising. While most rip-offs are poor clones of Among Us, some developers have done a decent job in advancing the social deduction concept and offering an engaging experience to their users.

Vikram Deo