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Swiss Watch

Let’s face it. Swiss watch brands have a monopoly on mechanical watches. They’re the standard, the benchmark, and the basis of a true luxury mechanical watch. In fact, Swiss watchmaking is so robust that it contributes to at least 4% of the country’s economy. With luxury watch brands that have their origins in the area and still majorly operating from the country, it’s an impossibility that the industry of Swiss-made watches will go away soon.

So if you’re thinking about purchasing one, then you’re in luck, because in this article, we’ve collated the best brands to get from. Take note that in almost all of these brands, you’d need to at least have $7,000 to get a brand new timepiece. That base price will double and triple depending on the model you want. So without further ado, here are the brands you should be looking out for:

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Patek Philippe

If we talk about Swiss watch craftsmanship, it’s going to be a disservice if we’re excluding Patek Philippe. This is one of the few Swiss watch companies that are, to this day, owned by the original family that started it. For the uninitiated, Patek is the first brand to make a wristwatch, a gift to the Duchess of Holland. Since then, the business started to shift into manufacturing the best watches in the world.

Hundred of years later, and we have the revered Nautilus line from the brand. It’s a mainstay on the hands of world leaders, famous celebrities, and shakers and movers in their industry. The great thing about a Nautilus is that it not only screams luxury, but also is outfitted with the most elegant materials. We’re talking diamonds, white, yellow and rose gold, ceramic and titanium.

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Another great watch collection from the brand is the Grand Complications line. With this line, Patek set out to modernize their collection, make the presentation chicer, and put in some of the world’s most complicated complications in a watch. The self-winding and self-wound nature of some of the watches in this collection harkens back to a time that wristwatches are all the rage.


Although Omega is not a brand that people automatically think of as luxury, it’s a brand that always conjures Swiss watchmaking quality. Omega is the Olympic’s official timer, and they’re one of the few brands that take watchmaking to an obsessive level of accuracy. Why do you think the Olympics constantly uses Omega stopwatches?

On the wristwatch side, Omega has had many successes, one of which is — it’s still the only watch company in the world that’s NASA-flight certified with their Speedmaster series. The line is seriously stacked – in house caliber movement, numerous complications, and top of the line materials used. If you want the latest iteration of their Moon watch (the watch that landed on the moon), the company still sells it in limited numbers. The Seamaster line is not only iconic; it’s one of the most popular diving watches the world over.


Undoubtedly the King of luxury watches, Rolex, is still the one to beat when it comes to sales and notoriety. When you are sporting a Rolex, it automatically says that you have arrived, you are someone, and you are important. A Rolex will cost you quite the penny when buying brand new, but trust us when we say that these are the only watches that won’t decrease in value if you do decide to get rid of it.

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The Rolex Day-Date II is a classic pick – yellow gold, the proprietary Oyster Steel, and all the iconic details that only a Rolex watch has. It’s also the first line of watch to have both complications on its dial, so you’re getting the original purveyor of that innovation. The Submariner line is also iconic, and when you’re getting it in a black dial and stainless steel finish, you’d be investing in a classic.


Always bear in mind that getting a timepiece from these respected brands does not equate to you being a better person. Appreciate the heritage and craftsmanship that have gone on the watch that you ultimately will purchase, but don’t be too wrapped up about it. Most of the time, watches that are priced in the luxury range can and will be an heirloom, so make sure to honor that tradition.