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Best Video Editor for Android That You Can Use in 2020

Best Video Editor for Android That You Can Use in 2020

Are you on the lookout for the best video editor for android? Well, presently, there are several video editing software and apps that you will find on the Google Play Store. However, most of the general ones are based on features such as filters, templates, or themes. Therefore, with such apps, you only have restricted access when you want to modify a video with other clippings, background music, and more.

Of course, these are not what you must be searching for, right? Well, if you are frustrated with such apps that give you only limited access to editing features, then your woes are now over! There is a list of apps from which you can choose the best video editor for android too. All of the apps that you find in this list will allow you to access some of the best editing features on your phone now.

Which is the best video editor for android?

In this section, we will try to find out the best video editor app for android. Since you have an entire list of names, it will be easier for you to narrow down the ones you feel are better. The choice mostly depends on what options you are looking for while editing videos. Whatever you choose in the end, finding it will be super easy. It is because all of these video editing software is available on the Google Play Store.

InShot- the best video editor for android

If you are searching for the best video editing app free, then InShot is the one for you. If you want to dig deep into the app’s advanced features, then there is a premium version of it as well. InShot comes with a wide range of the most exciting features that are user-friendly, intuitive, and also great for HD videos. According to quite a few survey reports, InShot is the best video editor for android when it comes to operating speed.

The simple editing options on this app work like in premium versions of other competitors. For example, color correction, themes, and filters are some of the most common features you can access in InShot. Besides, this app supports videos in almost all formats and sizes. Therefore, you can share your content now without having to decrease its size and quality. However, there is indeed a lack of a few essential features here. For example, the premium picture and audio editing options are not there on InShot. On the other hand, this app should be just fine in case you are an amateur. Moreover, it works well if you are trying to find the best video editor for android for temporary files.


KineMaster- Professional Video Editor

If you are more than a beginner in video editing, then KineMaster may look like the best video editor for android. You will get this app in both premium and free versions. Therefore, if you are using the free version and still looking for the best video editor for android without watermark, there are two options. In that case, either you will have to change your choice or upgrade to the premium version of KineMaster.

On the other hand, several features can beat any other premium video editing app. Here, you will get all of those in the free version itself. For example, super-fast transition and very smooth graphics are two of such fantastic features on KineMaster. If you consider the overall features, then there is nothing much to complain about if you are availing of the free version only. The one problem that many users report is the lack of better versions of color correction filters and tools.


Power Director: best video editing app for android

Since this list is in no particular ranking, it is believable that Power Director is the best app for android editing for a couple of years now. The user interface of this app is beautiful and yet very simple. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then the excellent usability options will surely attract you. Besides, full features on Power Director are available free of cost. However, if you are trying to upgrade your video editing skills, you may want to get rid of a few things. For example, unnecessary advertisements, watermarks, and a few other advanced features are removable if you shift to the premium version. The compatibility range of Power Director is extensive. Moreover, the app supports multiple video and audio clippings to play simultaneously.


Alight Motion- Animation and Video editor

If your requirements are related to animation or motion graphics, then Alight Motion won’t fail to amaze you. It is an excellent app because it takes care of things beyond video editing only. Yes, we are talking about features like graphics and animation. You will be more excited to learn that Alight Motion is the first pro-level video editing and animation app for the Android operating system. Moreover, alight motion supports several layers of graphics, audios, and videos. Plus, you can share videos in both GIF and mp4 formats.


Adobe Premiere Rush

There is no harm in referring to the Adobe Premiere Rush for Android as the younger counterpart of the PC version. The latter is more popularly known as the Adobe Premiere Pro and is a favorite of users for several years. Even though there is a wide range of video editing apps in the industry, this one is special.

The kind of control and the number of features on Adobe Premiere Rush easily outshines all its competitors. Moreover, the Adobe Premiere Rush is the most exclusive one for functioning on cross-devices and cross-platforms. Besides, the editing work becomes faster because you will check out all the significant features from the initial screen itself.

The app is quite ideal for both advance as well as medium-skilled editors. However, there is just one problem: the compulsion to purchase the premium version right after the third free export. On the contrary, you must understand that buying the premium version will be great, given the features here.


Vllo- Vlog Editing and video app

It is an excellent application with a too primary interface and all altering progressed highlights. You get the application absolutely for nothing. There is no watermark in its free form. However, if you avail of the premium version, you will get all the lock highlights, which is marvelous for editing. The necessary adaptation is adequate if you are a beginner trying your hand at editing. This application is reasonable for all editors of a beginner to the pro level. However, there is only one problem, and that is the unavailability of the multi-picture layers.


FilmoraGo- The ultimate video editor

This is a favorite video editing app for the Android program. It is a fantastic tool with practically all editing options you find on PC. Alongside every single fundamental feature, it has someone with kind highlights like energized typography, slick theme, movement designs, etc. With their new refreshed rendition, they offer more imaginative channels and themes. It has a basic version, yet that is with a watermark. To dispose of this imprint, you must upgrade to the premium version. Well, this is overall the only limitation of using FilmoraGo.


Final Thoughts

Pictures and videos are an essential part of our lives in the present times. Besides, we keep editing such content to get the best version of it before posting them on social media platforms. While editing pictures is not much of a hassle, doing the same with videos is not always very easy. However, with the app mentioned above, editing videos has become simple, like never before. All of the apps come with unique features that help you learn to edit more efficiently. Therefore, we hope that you can successfully find out the best app according to your requirements.

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