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Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs

There are dog clippers on the market that are specifically made for dogs. They allow you to comb and trim dogs’ fur conveniently. If your dog’s clipper is not working, you may wonder, Can you use human clippers on dogs?

Dog clippers and human clippers are not irreplaceable. You can’t get the same results by using human clippers on your dog. They can cause damage to your dog’s skin as they have separate blade types, motors, speeds, etc. Your dog may not cope with the features of a human clipper.

There is a never-ending discussion about the compatibility of human clippers and dogs. Without further delay, let’s go to the topic.

Difference Between Human Hair And Dog Hair

The difference between human hair and dog hair lies in their coating. Humans usually have a single coating, whereas dogs have a single coating and a double coating.

Double-coated dogs have two layers in their fur. They are the inner coat and the outer coat. Single-coated dogs have one layer of fur, i.e., an outer coat. Their hair is almost like human hair.

Human Clippers Vs. Dog Clippers

There is not much difference between human clippers and dog clippers. You can see that on the motor: cut size, blade type, speed, accessories, and so on.


The motors in dog clippers and human clippers work differently. Dog clippers’ motors are lighter than human clippers’ motors. That’s why dog clippers have a soft vibration and a gentle feel.

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Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs

The motors in human clippers work harder. That’s why they feel hard on the skin.


Dog clippers have a faster speed than human clippers. The reason is that dogs have thicker hair than humans, so their clippers are like that.

There are some dog clippers too that offer a slower speed. They work well for dogs with sensitive skin.


Both human clippers and dog clippers have the same blade length. Besides, human clippers have the same gaps in their blades, but dog clippers have variations in their blade gaps. You can identify them with fine-tooth blades and skip-tooth blades.

Blades with a smaller gap in between are fine-tooth blades, which the manufacturer marks with “F” or FC.” Whereas, skip-tooth blades have more gaps in between.

Clippers with fine-tooth blades work best on dogs with thin coats, while clippers with skip-tooth blades work best on dogs with thick coats.

Grooming Combs

You will see grooming combs in both human clippers and dog clippers. They work over the clipper blades and allow for adjusting the blades’ length. The grooming comb in human clippers can cut hair up to 1 inch, whereas the comb in dog clippers can cut hair up to 2 inches.

Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs?

Many elements in human and dog clippers will cut hair according to their users’ demands. Human clippers can trim thin-coated hair, but they can’t fit your dog’s thick-coated hair. Using them on your dog can damage his fur and cause cuts on the skin.

Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs

No vet will recommend you use a human clipper on your dog. It is not only about the grooming of your dog but also its safety.

Risks Of Using Human Clippers On Dogs

Using human clippers on dogs can be bothersome. It is because it does not make their teeth look like dog hair. Let’s see what the risks are.

Irritation On Skin

Human clippers suit humans, and dog clippers suit dogs. Besides, these two clippers have several differences. Since a human clipper is dull for a dog’s fur, slide it multiple times on your dog. This can irritate his skin and cause rashes.

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Burns The Skin

A human clipper can overheat and get hot, which a dog can’t withstand. As a result, it can burn your dog’s skin.


Your dog is not used to human clippers. Also, the feelings of human clippers and dog clippers are different. Your dog may get an unusual feeling from human clippers and move his body more. Hence, it can lead to cuts on his skin.

Trap The Fur

Dogs have thicker hair compared to humans. Since human clippers are suitable for thin hair, they may not cut your dog’s fur as smoothly as human hair. It can even tangle your dog’s fur in the clipper’s teeth.

When Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs?

You may think of using human clippers on your dog when you don’t have dog clippers available. Well, it is comprehensible if you want to use it once.

As we said, human clippers suit thin-coated hair. If your dog’s fur is not thick, you may opt for a human clipper.

You must ask your vet if you can use human clippers on your dog or not. If he approves, you can go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can You Use Human Clippers On Dogs?

Can you use scissors to cut your dog’s hair?

Yes, you can use scissors to cut and trim your dog’s hair. Just brush your dog’s hair before cutting it. Hopefully, it will turn out to be a safer alternative.

Does it hurt dogs to cut their hair?

Cutting dogs’ hair too short can cause bumps on the skin. It can be a bit painful, especially if your dog is already suffering from skin problems.

Are dog clippers stronger than human clippers?

No, dog clippers are not as powerful as human clippers. Yet, dog clippers do the best job for dogs and other pets.

Can you use nail clippers on your dogs?

Like human clippers, human nail clippers are not safe to use on dogs. They can cause splinters, pain, and fractures on your dog’s nails.

Final Thoughts

No dog owner should use human clippers and dog clippers interchangeably. If you think about it, can you use human clippers on dogs when it is necessary? You can if your vet permits. Another thing you must consider is the layer of coating. Dogs with thin-coated fur can adjust to human clippers, but dogs with thick-coated fur cannot.

Most importantly, get a dog clipper as soon as possible. Although human clippers can be saviors sometimes, they can be risky for dogs.


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