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Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Don’t get more wrong. Dogs are love. And there’s a reason why there are 470 million pet dogs in the world. However, cats aren’t too behind at 370 million, and for many people, cats are better than dogs.

This isn’t a comparison. If you’re a dog person, dogs are undoubtedly the best for you. If you’re a cat lover, cats are right for you. However, if you want to choose between a dog and a cat as a pet, this article talks about some ways cats are better than dogs.

Let’s get started.

They Need Less Work and Attention

Dogs are active, and you need to spend a lot of time with them. If you get a breed like Rottweiler or Akita that requires training, you’ll need to spend at least a few hours every day on training. Don’t forget that you need to take them out at least twice a day.

Dogs love attention. They’re social animals, and if you don’t pet them, they can feel neglected, which can emotionally affect them. Cats, on the other hand, are used to living alone. They need little attention, and you don’t need to take them out.

Cats Are Better Than Dogs when It Comes to Maintenance

Maintaining a dog can be more expensive than maintaining a human baby. Dogs are bigger, and they eat more. They’re prone to multiple health conditions, so you’ll need to take them to a vet at various times. Moreover, you’ll need to buy toys, leashes, collars, and other stuff. Studies have shown a dog can cost you $300-$800 more than a cat.

Cats don’t require any toys, leashes, or collars. They eat less, and they’re generally healthy. Therefore, you need to spend less on them.

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They’re Quieter and Calmer

If you have an energetic dog that gets easily excited, having guests in your house can be a nightmare. The dog may jump or even snap at your guests. You’ll need to always keep your dog in its crate. On the other hand, you’ll rarely see a cat coming out when your guests are in your home.

Dogs are very vocal. They bark a lot, which could get annoying at some point, especially for your neighbors. Apart from the occasional purring, cats are generally quiet.

Their Love Is More Meaningful

Dogs appear to love everyone. Cats are not that social and share their private space with only a select few people. When a dog showers its love on you, it feels nice. But in the back of your mind, you know that everyone else will get the same treatment. When a cat shows love to you, it feels unique. You earn a cat’s trust, and it’s not just because of food.

Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Cats Are Better Than Dogs

They’re Less Clumsy

Dogs can be clumsy. They can jump around your house, chew slippers, break items, etc. They also need a lot of space, especially if you’ve got a large breed. Cats live in a more sophisticated manner. They take up less space, and they don’t do any damage to your property.

They’re Cleaner and Less Smelly

Let’s face it; dogs smell, especially when they’re wet. You’ll never find a cat reeking like that. Get yourself a cat if you have sensitive olfactory senses and want your home to be free of any odious scents. Cats may have a body odor, but they rarely smell bad.

Bathing and grooming dogs is another challenge for dog owners. Many dog parents need to find time from their busy schedules to take their dogs to the grooming station. Cats don’t have such requirements. They have barbed tongues that act as an excellent cleaning tool and removes grime and dust from their furs. You don’t need to groom them frequently.

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Cats Are Better than Dogs in Hunting

Cats belong to the family of lions and tigers, so they’re natural predators. If you’re worried about rodents in your house, get a cat, and it’ll take care of the unwanted animals in your house. Manually finding and eliminating rodents can be challenging. They’re hard to find and kick out of the house. Cats are experts at hunting mice – they’re born for it.

They’re Healthy for Your Heart

Research shows that people who own cats are 40% less likely to die of heart disease. While all pets can help reduce stress and anxiety levels and improve heart health, the impact produced by cats is substantial.

Here’s a fun fact. Back in 3,000 BCE, cats were gods. You might have heard about The Sphinx. Many cultures, such as Egyptian culture, Greek mythology, and Hinduism, mention cats as divine creatures. Perhaps this is the reason why they’re good for your health.

Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cats Are Better than Dogs in Environmental Impact

The carbon footprint of cats is much lower than that of dogs. In fact, a medium-sized dog is said to have a carbon footprint twice that of a car! This includes the food, electricity, and other resources needed to maintain a dog. Since cats are smaller and consume fewer resources, their carbon footprint is lower than dogs.

Cat Owners are More Intelligent

Several studies have shown that cat people have more intelligence than dog people. That doesn’t mean getting a cat will boost your IQ, and getting a dog will make you dumb. However, people with higher intellect tend to prefer dogs over cats.

Or let me put it this way. People who’re attracted to cats are likely to be more intelligent. Moreover, cat people are often introverted, non-conformists, and open-minded.

Wrap Up: Cats Are Better than Dogs

There’s no need to have a dog vs. cat debate, as both animals have their pros and cons. For instance, cats aren’t very friendly, and they’re not great at showing love. Dogs can fill your life with love and enjoyment.

But cats are definitely ahead of dogs in some areas, as discussed above. So, which pet you should choose will depend entirely on your preferences. If you prefer a pet that is easy to maintain and performs a special bond with you, getting a cat will be the best pick.

So, which pet do you prefer; dogs or cats?

Vikram Deo