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Chris Distefano Wife

You must have heard of Chris Distefano, the popular stand-up comedian. But do you know about the other members of his family? Yes, other members of his family are interesting and somewhat famous as well.

TiTi Jerry, who is trans and goes by Jerry or JLO, is a name you probably already know. She is the uncle of Chris Distefano. And the personality has attained quite some online fame with her personality.

But are you aware of Chris Distefano Wife? She’s none other than Jazzy Distefano. She is not talked about much but if you wish to know more, keep reading.

Chris Distefano Wife

Who is Chris Distefano?

Before we tell you about Jazzy, let us give you an introduction to Chris in case you don’t know enough about him.

Chris was born Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano. He is a renowned American stand-up comedian. Chris is famous for his performance in MTV and MT2’s Girl Code and Guy Code. In recent times, he has also gained fame from his Netflix special, Speshy Weshy.

Chris Distefano Age

Christopher was born on 26th August 1984. Thus, he will be thirty-eight years of age in 2022.

Chris Distefano Early life

Chris was a single child growing up. Information about his parents is not known. This is probably something done intentionally to protect the privacy of his family.

Chris went to Archbishop Molloy High School. And then later graduated from St. Joseph College in 2009.

Chris Distefano Ethnicity

Chris is American, but he is of mixed ethnicity. He is part Italian, part German, and part Irish.

Chris Distefano Career

Chris is known for being a comedian and his podcast, but that is not the only thing he pursued as a career. He has a doctorate in physical therapy and this practiced pediatric physical therapy for about three years. It was after 2013 that he decided to go pursue a career as a stand-up comedian.

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He has had many successes in his career, but some of the notable ones are his appearance on Late Night with David Letterman and Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Chris is mostly known for his work in Guy Code, Girl Code, Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist, and Speshy Weshy.

Chris Distefano Family 

This man is happily married to Jazzy Distefano and has three children. Only one of his children’s names is known and that is his daughter, Deliah Distefano. Two of his children are with Jazzy, while one is from a previous relationship.

Chris Distefano Net Worth

Chris earns from his comedy specials and appearances on various shows and podcasts. His net worth as of 2022 is approximately $3 million.

Chris Distefano Wife

Jazzy Distefano is not a much-heard name. And this is because she is not in the shoe business. Jazzy is not a comedian or actor but is married to one. But there’s more to her than just being married to Chris. Keep reading to know more.

Chris Distefano Wife Age

Jazzy Distefano is an American who was born on April 17th, 1984. According to her birthday, Jazzy is thirty-eight years of age as of 2022.

Chris Distefano Wife Family

Jazzy grew up with her parents and a sister. Her parents, Edward Distefano and Liz Canuelas, had two daughters, Jazzy Distefano and Jessica Canuelas. The two sisters grew up having a very good relationship and still continue to be close.

Other than her parents and sister Jazzy Distefano has a family with her husband. She is happily married to Chris Distefano. The couple has two children together. Chris’ son from a previous relationship is also a part of their happy family.

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Chris Distefano Wife

Chris Distefano Wife Career

As we have mentioned before, Jazzy has her own life and identity. She is a professional Zumba instructor who specializes in spin and group fitness.

Other than being great at her work, she is constantly looking for new ways to improve. Jazzy focuses on helping people as much as she can. And thus, she has come up with a method called the Jazzymethod, which helps individuals to lose weight. If you’ve ever had to lose weight, you’d agree that it is not an easy thing to master. It requires exercise and determination. A lot of people are not willing to put in so much work. What can they do then? Jazzy’s methods are a perfect solution. They allow one to lose weight while having fun. Thus, it had become a favorite among her students.

Jazzy’s method has not only helped people lose weight but has been really popular among pregnant ladies. The methods started by Jazzy keep pregnant women in a healthy movement, which is great for babies. It is always recommended to have some movement in the body when pregnant. Besides, moms who like to be fit even during their pregnancy have found these methods really useful. It makes sure they don’t gain weight without even working out.

Chris Distefano Wife Net Worth

Chris is, in fact, a very famous man with a high net worth, but Jazzy is successful as well. She has earned quite some money as a Zumba instructor. Jazzy has a net worth of close to five million as of 2022.

Chris Distefano Wife

Final Thoughts

As audiences, we talk about spouses of celebrities only in the context of their partners. We often forget that they have their own identities as well. Chris Distefano Wife, Jazzy Distefano, has a life and career of her own. She has struggled with her issues and has overcome them fiercely. The woman has also done excellent for herself and earned high net worth. We only wish the best t such a hardworking woman.

What did you think of Chris Distefano Wife and this article? Do tell us in the comments below.

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