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home projectors

Home projectors are slowly but surely closing the gaps and between themselves and normal televisions. In the past years, more people are deciding to use projectors for a plethora of reasons.

Personally, I’ve always wondered why this wasn’t happening. This is because while the benefits of using a normal television are numerous and similar to that of a home projector, their key disadvantages do not apply to projectors. Aside from that, I like the low-key vibe the presence of a projector brings.

In this post we’ll be looking at reasons why you should hop on to the projector train if you are not already on it.


  1. SCREEN SIZE– Televisions simply do not have the flexibility of projectors. If you purchase a 50-inch screen television today and perhaps tomorrow, you need something smaller or larger; your choices are very slim. In fact, there is only one path of action- purchasing another. Projectors, however, do not have this disadvantage. At any given time, you can adjust the screen size to suit your needs. You can have up to a 120-inch view with a projector.  Movie time would be on a whole new level, especially when you add in a good soundbar for dialogue clarity.
  2. PRICE– Projectors even with the added cost of the blank screen are much cheaper than a good television set. The world’s most expensive television; a product of Samsung measures 110 inches and costs about $150,000. A projector of about $400 could give you a 300 inch display.
  3. MOBILITY– If you are the type of person who constantly moves about, be it for business, pleasure, or any other reason, a projector is definitely for you. With a foldable screen and the very portable projector, moving your viewing machine is not only cheap, but is easier and less stressful.
  4. SPACE MANAGEMENT- A projector is set up only when you want it to be. The screen can be taken down easily which allows you to use the space for something else. You can always use your viewing spot for something else when your projector is not set up.
  5. HIGH COMPATABILITY– If you pick a good projector, you will find out that you can connect almost anything to it and you can do this very easily. Good projectors take away all the stress of needing multiple cables, manuals etc. Once you get the hand of the basic controls, you are pretty much set.
  6. MULTIPLE PURPOSES– Due to its mobility and flexibility in size, your projector can be used for multiple purposes. A television doesn’t have this function. Even with the least technical knowledge, it can be easily set up slides, presentations, etc. it can also be adjusted to suit your audience present.
  7. DURABLE– Projectors are durable and can withstand accidents without you having to worry about a broken screen. They are tough nuts to crack. And even if your projector has an incident, they are marginally cheaper to fix than whole televisions are.
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One extra advantage is the flexibility they present. If for any reason you do not have the right screen ready, a make shift one can be found quite easily. Projectors are no doubt the way to go. If you don’t have one, you should. I found a worthy list of smart home theater projectors over at 7Nuggets. Have a look at it.