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The couch is one of the most used furniture pieces in every home. And many people think cleaning the couch is a nightmare.  Whether we want to take a nap, enjoy a gambling cookie casino, read a favorite book from the author page till the end, or just spend a weekend with family, the couch in your living room always has our back! However, cleaning a fabric couch is much easier than it may seem.

So, here’s what you need to do!  First of all, you need to determine the fabric from which the upholstery is made. This is important since each material has its peculiarities of operation and care. The second thing is to assess the stain itself. Is it fresh or stale? What exactly soiled the furniture? Then inspect the couch to see how dirty it is. If the furniture is very dirty, you will need to buy the most effective cleaner.  If there is a lot of debris and dust on it, then the first thing you need to do is vacuum the surface, otherwise, it will be difficult to perform wet cleaning (the dust will clump and roll on the upholstery).

If you still have the documents on the furniture, then there may be recommendations on how to care for the material. Before the procedure, carefully study the information on the package of the cleaning agent. Some compositions are aggressive and are not suitable for delicate and delicate fabrics.

There are several cleaning options if you want to make a couch clean. The choice of one or another depends on the material of the upholstery and the degree of contamination.

  1. Dry cleaning. Some of the sofas sold can only withstand it due to the peculiarities of the upholstery. It’s simple. Take a vacuum cleaner and go over the entire surface. That’s probably enough. But not everything is always so simple.
  2. Wet cleaning. There are several options here. Want to make your task easier? Then use a vacuum cleaner! Are you used to doing everything by hand? Stock up on a sponge, water, and detergent, and go ahead.
  3. Hot cleaning. Steam dissolves some stains, so it’s easy to get them out. Use a steam cleaner to make it quick and fun.
  4. Deep cleaning. Are the stains so bad that they won’t just go away? Then buy the most effective cleaner, apply it, and wait for the active ingredients to start eating away the dirt.
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And you can combine several methods, for example, first vacuum, then steam, and then treat with detergent. Then absolutely all stains will surrender!

How to clean different types of couch upholstery?

Let’s list several types of upholstery materials and give recommendations on how to clean each of them:

  1. Tapestry. This is a very capricious material, you need to be more careful with it. It is best to choose dry cleaning and use a vacuum cleaner. But if the contamination is still strong, you can soak a soft cloth in a soap solution and without strong hand pressure rub the area of contamination. Then you need to treat the area with a slightly damp cloth, and then dry. If there is a lot of water, the tapestry may warp or lose its original color.
  2. Velour. This material should be cleaned in the same way as tapestry. A microfiber cloth should be soaked in a soap solution. Wipe the surface of the sofa in the direction of the pile, otherwise, the lint will stick out in different directions. Then you can wipe the surface with a clean towel.
  3. Leather or its substitute. The best tool for cleaning leather furniture is warm water. Simply dampen a piece of cloth and wipe the surface. Liquids are not absorbed into the leather, and this is the main advantage of such upholstery. If the dirt is still quite significant, you can use a gentle detergent. Do not forget to wipe the sofa or chair with a dry cloth, so that there are no streaks and stains from dried water. By the way, if you are used to using only natural means, you can lightly beat egg white and wipe the furniture with this composition. This will give it a shine and freshen up the look. However, aggressive chemicals should not be used in any case, they can ruin the skin.
  4. Suede or nubuck are very delicate materials. They can be cleaned only with a special brush. It has special rubber bristles, which perfectly remove shiny stains. Preliminary such a piece of furniture can be vacuumed. 
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Even the most seemingly terrible stains can be removed if desired. But the most important thing here is timeliness. So, if you start the battle with stains immediately after their appearance, the chances will increase and equate to 80-90%. Stale dirt is difficult to remove. But there is one small trick. Hot steam allows you to literally “revive” stains, which helps to safely get rid of them. 

Keep your couch clean and lounge comfortably!