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The Word is most probably one of the important tools in your PC. And why not? After all, any major write-ups have to be typed in this. But then again there are few complications with word that can be equivalent to persistent. One of them being deleting a page in Word.

One must completely understand that the Word document is absolutely important and at times the problem of a “Blank page” may just crop up. Of course, the blank page is really disturbing for the people.

Deleting it becomes the main focus for the people and there is a particular procedure to be followed as well.

Things to Be Considered Before Deleting a Page in Word

There are few things that people need to be absolutely assured of at first. They must completely understand that the following things are there or not:

  • One must consider the type of blank page issue that they are facing in the first place. Also, they must understand that why they are having this issue at all.
  • Only when the blank page appears during the printing, then the people must consider it printers setting a fault. This is quite important for them to note as well.
  • Understand that if you want to delete a file that has content on it or not.

If it is pretty clear that the page you are trying to delete a page that is unwanted and blank, then you can follow the following procedures.

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For Windows:

If you are looking for how to delete a page in word for windows, here a small guide for you. The first thing to do is open the paragraph marks to note down the blank pages. All you must do is press CTRL+SHIFT+8, or you can also click the Show/Hide ¶ button. This is present on the Home tab of course.

Then the paragraph marks will be turned on revealing the causes of the blank pages.

The Manual page break:

At times there is the manual page break to deal with. One can absolutely place their cursor directly in front of the page break! Then they have to press Delete button to delete it.

A table at the end of the document:

One can simply hide the empty paragraph that is residing at the end of the paragraph. This is the simplest way. All people can do is select the paragraph mark! Then they have to press CTRL+D, and this will help them open the Font dialog.

Then they must click the hidden checkbox. The next step is to Turn off Show/Hide ¶. This will help the riddance of the extra page.

Extra paragraphs:

At times there are extra, blank, paragraphs and these usually are at the end of the document! One can come across with empty paragraph marks ¶ on the blank page. All one can do is then select these, and then they can absolutely delete them! They have to press the Delete.

The Section break:

At times things can get confusing and then there are chances that the next page, may go ahead and create an absolutely new page in Word document. So may the odd and the even pages as well. One can place the cursor before the section break! Then they have to press the Delete button.

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These are the very best techniques that people can use to delete a page in word.