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how to freeze dry candy

A candy lover constantly searches for novel and thrilling ways to enjoy their sweet treats. One of the best methods that is becoming popular nowadays is the freeze-drying method. Freeze drying, also called lyophilization, removes water from any product after frozen. If you are thinking about how to freeze dry candy, then you must know that the process mainly includes decreasing the pressure and adding the required heat to sublimate into the gaseous phase. Freeze-drying candies help preserve their texture and flavour and extend their shelf-life.

When you remove the water from candies during freeze drying, they become lightweight and are easy to store without hindering their quality and taste. Thus, you can keep the candies for long periods catering to your needs, such as for outdoor activities, traveling, and situations that need long-term supplies. On rehydration, those candies retain their original deliciousness.

Which candies can you freeze dry?

Several kinds of candies you can freeze dry, except those that are oily products. For example, you cannot freeze dry chocolate chips because you will have an oily mess after removing the moisture. Other than that, skittles, Laffy Taffy, and Starburst are some of the best candies for freeze-drying. Some varieties will turn out better than others, depending on how carefully you execute the process.

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How to freeze dry candy in 2 different ways?

Before knowing how to freeze dry candy, it’s vital to know the various alternatives for the same. You can freeze-dry candies using dry ice and a freeze-drying machine.

1. Freeze drying candies through the dry ice method.

Freezing candy using dry ice is an easy-to-access and budget-friendly option. Moreover, this method also works best for small batches of candies and is suitable for beginners. Let’s know how it works:

  • Start by keeping your candy on a cooling rack or using a tray. It would help if you spread the candies evenly, leaving some space between each candy.
  • You must break the ice pieces into small sizes and keep them beneath a well-insulated cooler.
  • Now you can keep the tray containing the candies above dry ice pieces and close the container ensuring there is little gap for the air to pass through.
  • Leave it for a few hours and monitor the process. Remove the candies from the container as soon as they are frozen.

2.How to freeze dry candy using a freeze drying machine?

When the matter is about the storage of large quantities of candies through freeze-drying, freeze drying machines are viable options even though they are expensive. It assists in automating the entire process, making it easy to achieve outcomes rapidly. Here are the steps you need to follow for freeze drying candies using machines:

  • Select some fresh and unspoiled candies and make sure their surface is dry and has no contaminants.
  • Now clean the freeze dryer and follow all instructions of the manufacturer to set up and preheat it. You should operate the freeze dryer in a clean environment to prevent odors and contamination. 
  • Place all the candies in the tray of the freeze dryer and make sure to leave some space in between the candies. Evenly distributing the candies allows some air to pass through.
  •  Now keep the candy tray inside the freeze dryer and set up the time and temperature as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Gradually, the water content will evaporate, thereby making the candies dry.
  • The whole process of freeze drying needs a few hours to a full day depending on the type of candy and the functioning of the freeze dryer. 
  • Keep an eye on the whole process and occasionally check the status of the candies whether the surface has become dry or moisture is still there. 
  • Turn off the freeze dryer when the candies become completely dry and bring out the tray. Allow it to cool down to room temperature, making sure the inner part is dry. This helps in preventing the candies from reabsorbing moisture. 
  • On completion of freeze drying, you can store it in an airtight container or a vacuum-sealed bag to prevent moisture from entering.
  • Label the containers or bags with the name, date and contents. Store these bags in a cool and dry place to enhance the shelf life of the candies.
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So, all candy lovers go on board a sweet adventure by learning how to freeze dry candy. This process provides you with a unique and amazing texture that is fun to make and tasty to eat.


Q1.Is it possible to consume freeze-dried candies directly?

Yes, one can consume freeze-dried candies directly and make use of them in preparations like baking or pastry making.

Q2.What happens when a freeze-dried candy gets exposed to moisture?

When freeze-dried candies are exposed to moisture, they become very sticky or soft, so storing them in a dry environment is vital.

Q3.How long can you store a candy after freeze-drying?

When you keep it under proper storage conditions, those candies can stay for several months to several years without hindering their texture and flavour.

Q4.Is it safe to freeze dry candies?

Yes, the whole process of freeze-drying candies is safe and entirely safe for consumption.