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How to Get Something Out Of Your Eye Immediately?

how to get something out of your eye

Getting something inside your eyes can be frustrating and dangerous. Almost everyone has probably experienced this at least one time in their life. Sometimes suddenly your eye starts feeling as if something is jabbed in it or tears may roll out of your eyes. Your eye surface is extremely sensitive than the standard skin. Even a minor foreign object in the eye can cause swelling in your eye. Most people start rubbing their eyes which could cause more pain and itching. It’s crucial to know how to get something out of your eye. 

Best Methods to Get Something out of Your Eye:

1. Wash Your Hands

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The first step should be washing your hands with soap or handwash. Though this is the last thing that comes to our mind when something is stuck in our eyes. But before touching your eyes, you should always make sure to wash your hands to avoid irritation and infection.

2. Remove your contact lenses (If Applicable)

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Remove your contacts before proceeding, as it’s quite possible for something to stuck in your eye to scratch your contacts. Sometimes the stuck particle in your eye could be trapped in or behind the lens. If it is extremely painful, you should go to an eye doctor immediately.

3.Let your eyes water and blink 

When you get something stuck in your eye try to stay calm, avoid rubbing your eyes, and bink multiple times. Your primary line of defense against foreign debris in your eye is your own body. Your body knows very well how to take out something with a natural process. The initial response is to flood the eyes with tears and most of the times tears will be enough to remove the debris. So blink your eyes multiple times and let the tears flow. 

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4. Roll your Eyeballs To Locate the Stuck Particle

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This will help you to know the location of the debris in your eye. Open your eyes widely while looking into the mirror. Slowly pull your upper and lower eyelid out to see if you can find the debris.

Pull your upper eyelid slowly out, away from your eye. Afterward, roll your eye around to try and get the substance out of your eyelid. Also, you can pull the eyelid gently and then let go- as the eyelid goes back into place, the substance must dislocate.

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Slowly pull out the lower eyelid and push up from the bottommost a bit with your finger, this should give you a better view inside your lid. If you see any particle there, try to swipe it out using a clean cloth. Remember not to touch your eyeballs directly. 

5. Wash your Eye

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Flushing your eye will be helpful if the above steps are not able to dislocate the debris. There are some different things you can use for eye washing:

Tap water is not usually ideal for washing your eyes. You can use it if you don’t have access to any of the options mentioned above. 

How to Wash Your Eye

There are some methods you can use to flush out your eye:

Always remember if you fail to follow the discussed remedies properly then you should visit your eye doctor. Your doctor may also guide you on how to get something out of your eye. Your eyes are sensitive, and allowing foreign objects to stuck in your eyes for a long time can be risky. 

What if Chemicals get in your Eyes?

If any of the harmful chemicals have gotten into your eye, flush your eye as soon as possible for at least 15 minutes. Since chemicals can harm your eyes, go for medical care immediately. If possible so take the container of the chemical that got in your eyes to help inform the doctors. 

Things to avoid if something is stuck in your eyes

There are some things you should avoid if something is stuck in your eyes.


Everybody experiences such situations but remember to be patient to avoid any type of eye injury. Follow the discussed methods properly, still, if you are not successful you must visit your eye doctor. 

We hope you understand how to get something out of your eye. For more such interesting health care remedies read our more articles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will something out of our eyes naturally come out?

Ans. The eyes will usually flush out the tiny particles, such as sand and eyelashes, through blinking and tearing.

Q2. Is it fine to wash the eyes with tap water?

Ans. It is not often recommended to wash eyes with tap water because there is less salt in tap water.

Q3. What if something is there in your eyes but you are unable to see it?

Ans. If something is there in your eye and you are suffering from extreme sight issues, call your doctor.

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