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how to tie a noose

There are various reasons behind people searching for how to tie a noose. They are most commonly used for fishing and boating. However, people often get confused between a hangman’s noose and a hangman’s knot. They interpret both of them to be the same. But this isn’t correct. All hangman’s knots are nooses. On the other hand, not all hangman’s nooses are hangman knots. The only difference between them is that a knot has many turns, while a noose might only have one. 

Let us now discuss the complete procedure involved in tying a noose. We will mention the general method of making a hangman’s noose. This can be further used to create a hangman’s knot by simply increasing the number of turns. 

Steps Involved In The Process Of How To Tie A Noose

Before moving to the steps, we would like to list an interesting fact about the hangman’s noose. It is a non-jamming noose. The knots in the hangman’s noose do not jam. They can be loosened or tightened without being untied. Let us now have a look at the procedure of tying a hangman’s knot. 

Imacredit: Useful Knot

Step 1- Make an ‘8’ shape with the rope

The first step involved in the process of how to tie a noose is to grab a rope. You need to create two large U shapes with it. The rope will eventually resemble an 8 shape this way. Once done, you should press the tag ends behind the 8 shape. 


Step 2- Wrap the ends of the rope

You are now supposed to wrap the ends around the upper loop. Now, further, pass the rope’s working end behind the previously created loops. Once done, utilize your non-dominant hand to grab the centre of the loops tightly. 

Step 3- Wrap the ends again for three times

In step 3, you should now wrap the ends of the loops three more times. To accomplish the same, first, grab the working end of the lower loop and wrap it three times around the standing end of the upper loop. Make sure you don’t loosen your non-dominant hand’s grip. Keep tightly holding the center of both loops. 

Step 4- Repeat step three

There are various repetitions of the steps involved in how to tie a noose. The same goes for this step as well. Take the working end of the lower loop and wrap it again on the upper loop three more times. Yes, you did it in step 3, and you are supposed to repeat it in step 4 as well. Once you have finished doing this, you will notice that the loops are arranged on top of each other. 

Step 5- Wrap the ends around the loop at the top

After the completion of step 4, there will be a small loop created on top of the arranged loops. You are now supposed to grab the working ends and wrap them around that particular small loop on top. This way, you will set them further. 

Step 6- Pass the ends from the top loop

You are now very close to finishing the process of how to tie a noose. However, you need to keep holding the lower loop. Now, pass the working end through the tiny upper loop present on the top. To further tighten it, strongly pull the tag end. 

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Step 7- Tighten the knot to achieve a secured noose

This is the last step of tying a hangman’s knot. To complete it, you should tighten the knot properly. For this, tightly grab the lower loop. Now, further, pull the working ends in the upward direction. And that’s it. Your hangman’s knot is completed.

ImageCredit: Youtube

Why should I learn the process of how to tie a noose?

People often think that a hangman’s knot is only used for execution purposes. However, this is not true. Apart from execution, there are various uses of hangman’s knot. Some of them are listed below. 

  1. It is used while fishing and boating. People often utilize a hangman’s noose for attaching different fishing lines. Also, a noose helps in tying down boats at the shore. 
  2. People use hangman’s knots to hang a skeleton and other things in their Halloween decorations. It helps them create a dreadful vibe. 
  3. Hangman’s knot is also used in various criminal and action movies. It is used for suicidal scenes. Or, instead, a noose also helps in hanging a dead body in movies. 
  4. Snacks and bundles of different items are also secured using a hangman’s knot.

Winding up

How to tie a noose is an easy process. It basically includes repetition of the same steps to create turns and get a secured hangman’s knot. Additionally, our readers are now aware of the fact that a noose is not only used for execution. Instead, it has other uses as well. However, we suggest people to keep their children away from a hangman’s noose. It is a dangerous tool which can cause harm to children. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is a hangman’s knot?

Ans.  hangman’s knot is basically an adjustable loop with non-jamming knots. People can loosen and tighten it according to the requirement, without untying it.

Q2. How to tie a noose?

Ans. There are certain steps that people can follow to create a hangman’s noose. Most of the steps are repeated as they involve creating turns.

Q3. Is the hangman’s knot only used to hang a person?

Ans. No! This is what most people think about the hangman’s knot. But the truth is that execution is not the only thing for which a noose is used. Instead, there are various other uses of the same. Some of them include fishing and boating, Halloween decorations, thriller and criminal movies, tying up luggage and bundles, etc.