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Be it birthdays, or anniversaries, or that of any other special occasion, we possibly cannot think of any other better gifts than that of beautiful flowers and mouth-watering cakes. The eternal combination of colourful and soft fresh blooms and some delectable cake happens to be age old and we seem to have not let go of this craze for enigmatic flowers and fresh cakes whether we avail midnight cake delivery and that of beautiful bunch of flowers for our near and dear ones. Did you ever ponder about knowing more about these two of our favourite things? Well, we possibly didn’t. Never mind, for here we are with some interesting facts about flowers and cakes that are sure to amaze you.

  • Beautiful Blossoms And Fascinating Facts

While some of us are fond of red roses, there are some who love carnations and in addition, some people who go gaga about orchids. No matter which flower you adore, here are some interesting facts about flowers that are sure to amaze you:

  • Gas Plant which is also known as the Burning Bush is called so because of its characteristic leathery green leaves, pods and flowers that give off a strong lemon scented vapour and on a summer night on a calm day, it can be ignited with a match.
  • Having a flower stalk of 35,000 feet tall and bearing over 8,000 white flowers, it is Puya raimondii which is the largest flower in the World.
  • The Bird of Paradise is a beautiful flower that resembles a beautiful and colourful Tropical bird.
  • Mimosa punica, or Touch Me Not is a plant that bears whitish pink fuzzy flowers that look exactly like pom poms and this plant when touched, does fold up its leaves.
  • It was during the 17th Century that in Holland Tulip bulbs were more expensive than that of gold. Tulips stands for immortality, life and love and a certain ‘Tulip mania’ occurred in Western Europe and the flower became so expensive that it was treated as a form of currency although it has a short life span of around 3-7 days.
  • The flowers of Bamboo isn’t something that is seen very commonly. There are some species of Bamboo that develop flowers after 65 to that of 120 years. But what is interesting in this case is the fact that no matter where the Bamboo plants are located, the plants of the same species develop flowers at the same time. So the one species of Bamboo that bears flowers at a certain time, bears it throughout the World.
  • Tempting Cakes And Interesting Facts
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Whether you go in for same day cake delivery, or send it online to your loved ones in different cities for an array of occasions, or you choose to surprise your beloved with a mouth-watering cake to woo him or her, cakes are sure to die for. So for all those savoury delights of delectable cakes, here’s some interesting facts about cakes that are sure to amaze you:

  • Fruit cakes were eaten by the crusaders of Roman origin as it kept them full for a much longer span. The magic about fruit cakes it that the older the cake is, the better it becomes. The trick for a mouth-watering fruit cake is to soak the nuts, raisins or dry fruits in rum, whisky or that of brandy and wrap these in a foil so that it ripens with time.
  • Be it birthdays or for any other celebrations like anniversaries, baby showers etc. we happen to be familiar with that of blowing candles out of a cake and that of making wishes that mostly happens for birthday cakes in the said respect. But, during the ancient times, people used to blow out candles one at a time so that the smoke carries their prayers to Heaven. The cake was offered to the Moon who was considered a Goddess and the candles were symbolic of moonlight.
  • It is a tradition to celebrate Christmas with some delicious cake and has come to being a tradition in the present. But, as per historical records, during the Medieval times, parties were held as a mark of closure for Christmas celebrations, where real birds and frogs would burst out of a giant cake.
  • It was Queen Victoria who had pure white icing on her wedding cake and thus the term ‘Royal Icing’ came to usage and this white icing on wedding cake is something that the Queen had pioneered.
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So, wasn’t it an interesting read to know such fun facts about flowers and cakes? Well, don’t forget to share these interesting facts with your friends and family as you amaze them with the same.