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is animal kingdom on netflix

Netflix never ceases to amaze us with its amazing drama series. The thrilling and dramatic animal kingdom is on hype these days, but does Netflix have it? Our blog will help you in answering this suspenseful question.

The animal kingdom is the series that has been on hype in the recent few years. It has everything that one looks for, drama thrilling, suspenseful, crime, and whatnot. The best part about this series is that it is not only loved by youngsters but this drama series is loved by adults as well. It is a family drama; you can sit around with your family and binge-watch this amazing drama series.

Drama and thrillers are a serotonin boost in our everyday life and they keep us out of our regular lives. The animal kingdom is one such series that has been able to keep suspense in every episode for the audience. Every episode is filled with surprises. And the more suspenseful fact is that the directors haven’t stopped yet in making more reasons which makes it more of a reason to the audience for willing to keep watching it.

is animal kingdom on netflix


This drama series revolves around 17-year-old Joshua, the protagonist of the drama series, and moves in with his relatives. That is the start of the story. The audience fails to understand the happenings of the drama series in the later future and the directors made sure that the audience understands nothing. He moves to South California beach town.

The protagonist of the story moves here because he is supposed to be staying with his relatives after the death of his mother. His mother dies because of nothing but a heroin overdose. The relatives he moves in with are estranged, the Cody’s, and they run a criminal enterprise governed by one of the respected matriarchs Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody.

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Now the fact is that the Cody’s pull off some serious heists and that is not low in number. They are known to be pulling off a lot of heists, and the reason is to make money. Almost every member of the family takes part in these heists, even a daughter of the family.

Now J adapts very fast to the family and their everyday criminal lifestyle and with time he becomes the only member who was able to challenge Smurf. And what happens later one will be able to know. Wondering when? Well, it’s when they proceed with watching this amazing drama series. And keep watching them with some of the amazing fight scenes.

is animal kingdom on netflix

Cast and crew of the drama series

The cast and crew of the drama series are amazing and the actors have managed to pull off their characters really well, making the drama series more realistic and creating more suspense.

The cast of the movie

  • Ellen Barkin who has played the part of Janine ‘Smurf’ Cody
  • Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Pope Cody
  • Scott Speedman as Barry ‘Baz’ Blackwell
  • Finn Cole as Joshua ‘J’ Cody
  • Ben Robson as Craig Cody

Detailed Cast Roles

Daniella Alonso as Catherine Belen, who is Baz’s girlfriend. one secretive fact is that Pope had been obsessively infatuated with her in the past.

Molly Gordon is Nicky Belmon and she has played the character of J’s girlfriend and she is not a part of the family.

These are the main actors. And the casting of the series who have brilliantly played their characters and made this drama series a hit.

The main genre of the series is a crime drama and family drama, which means you can enjoy this series with your friends and family. And this series is developed by Jonathan Lisco. Moreover, the composer of this series are Alexis and Sam and this series is being produced in the United States which clears us of the fact that it is an American drama series.

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The executive producers of this series are David Michod, Liz Watts, Andrew Stearn, Etan Frankel, Christopher Chulak, and Jonathan Lisco and many other members of the crew took a great part in making this series a hit. There is a total of 6 seasons and the producers and composers have no intention of taking a break as they are going to release another season of this drama series.

There is a total of 73 episodes and you can binge-watch it easily in a few weeks or months. The running time of each of the episodes is 45-55 minutes at max.

Is this based on a real story? or is it adapted from a book?

This thrilling and amazing drama series is not adapted from any book or novel. Rather is based on an Australian movie that happens to have shared the same name. This drama story series is inspired by a real-life crime family and they are the Pettingills. This movie shows family relations who are caught in the unending web of lies and murders.

Is Animal Kingdom available on Netflix?

So, the suspense is going to end with good news and that is that Animal Kingdom is indeed available on Netflix. Consequently, you will be able to find this amazing drama series on your Netflix account. And you wouldn’t have to worry about finding this drama on any other streaming platform. Netflix has never displeased its audience. And this is because they keep on delivering them the best web series and the best drama series. So, that is why Netflix has been said as the best streaming platform.

is animal kingdom on netflix

Final thoughts

So, no more worries as this series are available for all audiences on Netflix; and one will be easily able to watch this drama series. You can also connect your Netflix account to your TV so that you get better picture quality of this drama series. So, wait no more and go binge-watch this amazing drama series.

Vikram Deo