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Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

is gang beasts cross platform

If you are a gamer or aware of games and how they work, you must know about cross platform. It is one of the things gamers want the most. Thus, is Gang Beasts cross platform is a very commonly asked question in the gaming community right now. And we are here to give you the correct information about it.

If you are someone who doesn’t know what is cross-platform, don’t worry, we will explain it all. In case you are new to the world of gaming and are just trying to figure out whether you should play this game or not and what platform you should play it on, keep reading.

What is Gang Beast?

Now before we get into the details about this game’s functionality, let’s explain what the game is about. Gang Beasts is a multiplayer game that has miniature figures for characters. These little thugs cause a lot of havoc in their city called the Beef city.

And aside from that, they usually engage in fights and like to throw their friends into hazardous situations. They are usually very silly, which makes the game very casual. It is not a very serious game with guns and grenades. One doesn’t need to play too hard to he food at it. Thus, it is a fun game you can play with your friends without having to put in too much effort.

Gang Beasts was originally released for PCs in 2014 by British Indie Studio Boneloaf. And after a few years, it was released for PS4 in 2017. Finally, the game arrived for Xbox players in 2019. The game started with few players as it was limited to only PC players. But with it being introduced on other platforms, the game has attained a bigger player base and fan base.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

We cannot answer the question, is Gang Beasts cross platform with just a yes or no? The answer is a little longer. But in order to answer your question, we need to first understand the concept of cross platform and why it’s in demand.

What is Cross Platform?

In simple words, if a game is cross-platform, it can be played on multiple platforms. But that’s not just it. Cross-platform is possible when a person playing a game on an Xbox One can play with a player on a PS4. Another kind of cross-platform happens when a player who is playing a game on a PS4 can play with a PS5 player. Thus cross-platform is of two kinds. One that allows you to play with players on all platforms irrespective of what platform you’re on. And the other one lets you play with players playing on different versions of the same platform. But gamers usually prefer cross-platform of the first kind as it lets them play their game of choice with even more people.

Why is Cross Platform Beneficial?

  1. Cross platform is very beneficial because it comes with endless options. Players have the choice of playing with other players irrespective of the platform they play on. It also gives them an idea about how other platforms work regarding other games. And people can also play with their friends irrespective of what platform they are playing on.
  2. It is beneficial for the developers to make a cross-platform game. This is because it saves them time, energy, and money. With cross-platform, one needs to make new versions of the game only once as it can serve all platforms. Developers then don’t need to make different versions for different platforms.
  3. Lastly, cross-platform lets players understand and decide on which platform suits them the best. They can play the game on different platforms and see on which one they perform the best.

Is Gang Beasts Cross Platform?

Coming to this game, in particular, no, Gang Beasts is not cross-platform as of 2022. But the developers of the game have said that cross-platform will happen in their next update. But before you get the wrong picture, let us explain this news to you in detail.

The developers of Gang Beasts have said that they will make the game cross platform but not across all platforms. This indicates that a player playing on Xbox One can play with a player playing on an Xbox Series XS but not with someone playing on PS4. Thus the cross platform will happen only on the same platform, where players with different versions of the same platform can play the game together.

Unfortunately, there’s no news id some day PS4 or PS5 players can play with PC players. PS4 players can play with PS5 players after the next update is out, but it can’t be said that they can play with someone on an entirely different platform.

It is great that players can play with other players of the same platform but with different versions. But many are looking forward to being able to play Gang Beasts with their friends on other platforms. And we hope that their wish comes true.

Final Thoughts

In 2022, is Gang Beasts cross platform is a very popular question. And we hope to have answered it for you. If you intend to play with your friends who play on the same platform bit different versions, congratulations! You will be able to do that very soon. But if you intend to play with friends who play on an entirely different platform, you have to wait a bit more. Who knows, maybe the developers have a surprise up their sleeves?

If you enjoyed reading this article about Gang Beasts, tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

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