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Learn How to Protect Your Netflix Account

Protect Your Netflix

Netflix has become a household name today due to the variety of options it provides to its users. Launched in the year of 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, Netflix (Netflix, Inc.) is an American media-streaming and video-rental company. It started offering an online subscription service through the Internet in the year 1999. Netflix is also a production company as it creates its own shows, which are known as Netflix Originals.

The reason why ‘Protect Your Netflix Account’ is an important topic for discussion is because millions of people are Netflix users. They create an account on the Netflix platform to stream their favorite movies and shows. Just like all other digital accounts, your Netflix account should also be secured.

Earlier, Netflix used to send DVDs of movies and television shows from their distribution centers to their subscribers. The subscribers used to choose the movies and shows on the official website of Netflix. They used to rent DVDs by paying a flat monthly fee. Then in the year 2007, Netflix started giving its customers an option that was an alternative to DVDs. Customers could now stream some of the movies and shows through the Internet.

In the year 2010, Netflix came up with a streaming-only plan under which subscribers could stream solely through the Internet. They were not sent DVDs of movies and television shows. This change revolutionized the industry of streaming services and home entertainment. As a result, hackers and other people with malicious intents keep trying to attack the Netflix accounts of subscribers. Thus, if you are a Netflix subscriber, you should protect your Netflix account.

Currently, Netflix offers streaming services to more than 200 million users in over 190 countries and territories. Moreover, Netflix is also available on select Xbox, PlayStation, and other video game consoles as well as different consumer electronics products. Subscribers can also use the streaming services provided by Netflix on Blu-ray players.

Just like the variety of movies and series as well as the ways of using the Netflix streaming service have increased, the risks associated with the Netflix account have also increased. Thus, it’s more important than ever to protect your Netflix account.

Protect Your Netflix Account with These Tips

We have mentioned some simple tips using which you can protect your Netflix account.

You can always disable the profile PIN lock feature for one or more profiles in the future. You can even change the password and profile PIN. If you forget your Netflix password or Netflix profile lock PIN, you can recover those easily.

Final Thoughts

You must protect your Netflix account to keep it safe from unauthorized users, hackers, phishers, scammers, and others who might misuse your Netflix account credentials.

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