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LinkedIn, when utilized well, can help boost online presence and lead generation of businesses and companies. As a business-oriented social media platform, LinkedIn is the best option out there if you want to engage in social interactions, provide marketing and commercial education materials, or promote brand presence online.However, there may be complaints from some companies that LinkedIn is not an effective and compatible platform to their business marketing strategies. To get the most out of this social giant, here are four must-avoid LinkedIn advertising mistakes. Let’s dive in!              

– Not allocating enough budget for LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

You may hesitate to allocate your LinkedIn advertising campaign with significant funds. Sure, it may not be the cheapest option in digital advertising (compared to other paid advertising platforms such as Ads-Supply, 7Search, etc.), but the minimum $10 per day can be as effective as when you resort to Google or Facebook advertising campaigns.              

However, if spending $10 every day may be a big feat for you, you may want to develop other tactics, such as using LinkedIn’s Website Demographics. This feature can give you an idea of your campaign’s progress. 

As per the Website Demographics, you can identify which targeting criteria you should focus on, and remove unnecessary subcategories. By doing so, you’ll be able to cut down advertising expenses without compromising your campaigns.

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– Not maximizing the use of matched audience  in LinkedIn advertising

Not utilizing LinkedIn’s matched audience is already a significant setback. The matched audience feature is mostly useful if you already have identified your business’s prospects and leads. 

There are three types of matched audiences on LinkedIn: website retargeting, email contact targeting, and account targeting. When utilized correctly, using matched audiences can guarantee you brand awareness and lead generation that you were aiming for. 

Website retargeting is most efficient if you already know your audience. You can promote your site by adding the LinkedIn insight tag to your website. 

As for email contact targeting, you can upload contact lists to the platform and run ads targeting possible leads who match the contact details and emails. LinkedIn recommends advertisers to run campaigns targeting at least 10,000 individuals. 

Account targeting can also up your brand awareness on the platform. By submitting a list of at least 1,000 companies and websites, you’ll be advertising people who work at said places. 

– Employing ineffective LinkedIn targeting criteria 

While LinkedIn offers many targeting criteria, advertisers tend to commit an ineffective ad targeting strategy by over-target their ads, especially when creating an audience. Since LinkedIn is not as diverse as Facebook, your audience may decrease if you over-target.  

Keep a close count on your audience through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, which provides an analysis of how many LinkedIn members match your targeting criteria. 

It is recommended that you go all out when you launch campaigns and target at least a 50,000 audience.

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– Limiting to one LinkedIn ad placement for each campaign 

There are three types of LinkedIn ad placement: sponsored content, text ads, and sponsored InMail. And you might be committing a big mistake by not utilizing all three of them. 

Since advertising costs in LinkedIn are somewhat more expensive, advertisers just use sponsored contents.

Distribute your ad placements among the three campaigns. It is suggested that you allocate four ads per campaign. Make sure you use different designs and images.  



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