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Michelle Troconis Daughter: Where is She Now?

michelle troconis daughter

The first question that pops up in mind thinking of Michelle Troconis is that where is Michelle Troconis Daughter? Isn’t it quite a question! Why has she been hidden, and what is going on. DO you want answers to your questions and doubts? It is going to be cleared really soon as you continue reading through the blog. Make sure that you have the questions in mind, and then you can find out your answers really easily.

Do you know who Michelle Troconis is? She is a Chief Executive Officer and an entrepreneur from Argentina. For an exact location, you can say Venezuela as well. She is known to have her hand behind a successful and luxurious ski resort back in Argentina. It is really popular and one of the best resorts that you can come across. It is quite praise-worthy of what has come out of the resort.  

Who is Michelle Troconis Daughter?

Michelle Troconis went on a trip with her then-boss and ended up getting pregnant. It is not sure if it is supposed to be called an affair or not. There is always a doubt about that, but Michelle has never regretted what has happened with her then-boss. They never tried to hide what happened and accepted what happened.

This incident took place back in 2006, and they had a cute little daughter whom they named Nicole. Nicole should be of around 15 to 16 years, but nothing in detail is known. It is not like Nicole’s life is affected or not, but she has been kept really happy and has been given proper care as well.

Michelle Troconis has applied for custody of Nicole and won over the case. It is not like her boss chucked up but came forward and accepted the baby Michelle had from her. He took up the duties that he had to and has been paying monthly around $2400 as per the court’s rule. He has also given an advance amount of $24000 and also bought Michelle and Nicole an apartment for $200000. It is quite a huge amount, and not only that, he took care of her school and education in the future as well.

Where is Michelle Troconis Daughter?

It is not known currently where Michelle Troconis Daughter. It is still unknown or has been kept hidden, but it is for sure that wherever she is, she is happy and attaining her education currently. This is what is known about her for now.

Last it was heard that during a hearing Michelle Troconis case, she requested if she could get away to pick up her daughter Nicole. The judge permitted her to go away from Connecticut to New York Airport which is the John F. Kennedy Airport. And then she went to pick up her daughter. That is the last that is heard about Michelle Troconis Daughter, and nothing in this regard has come up yet.

What is the case regarding Michelle Troconis?

Michelle Troconis has been dating a guy named Fotis Dulos. It has been almost 4 years that both of them have been dating. But she got into a mess with Fotis Dulos wife, who is dead currently. It is not known if it is an intentional murder or a suicide. And this pulled up in this mess of the court. The first thing after Fotis Dulos wife death was that everyone started suspecting the couple. As if they wanted to get rid of the wife. But this is not sure, and the hearing has still been going on.

The case started 2 years back, and it has still been going on. Some call it an unjustified case, but nothing will be known until all proof and doubt are cleared. Till now, Michelle Troconis has been arrested three times randomly in this regard. It has created a mess in her life and also her career.

There are proofs that have been found, and it points a finger toward Michelle Troconis and Fotis Dulos. At first, it was just Fotis Dulos, but in order to say for her, even Michelle Troconis was seen as a suspect. The van they talked about was found out that it is one of the prime proofs, and the body was taken in that van. There are many more proofs like this, but nothing confirming the details.

Even the advocate who was supposed to help them out was taken as a prime suspect. It is said that he helped out Michelle and her boyfriend with the murder of Fotis Dulos wife. It is still a research thing, and nothing is known till now. Hopefully, justice will be seen, and something will come into the limelight really soon!

Where is Fotis Dulos?

Fotis Dulos committed suicide back in January 2020. It is not known the cause of the suicide, but it might be a chance that this happened because of the case that has been going on for the murder of his deceased wife.

Final thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You must have learned more than what you have been looking for. About Michelle Troconis daughter, as much was known, was informed to you in this blog itself. Michelle Troconis must keep her daughter away from the limelight that she has been going through. No mother would want her daughter to face such situations. As much was known about Michelle Troconis daughter was shared in this blog. Hopefully, you got the answers to your questions and doubts. There is always much more information to everything, but something is always kept in the dark. Please share it with those who want to know about Michelle Troconis daughter!

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