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mod apk games

Android is probably the most used mobile interface in the entire industry. It is the favorite of almost every mobile company, and the reasons are evident. The user-friendliness and the diversity of Android content are what shoots up the popularity even more. Now, the Android game is a part of this interface that has millions of users all over the world. On Google Play Store you will find a variety of games types ranging from strategy, action, puzzle games to social casino gaming apps. You must be thinking about that one business secret that is making Android so popular, apart from the evident ones. Yes, there is one, and that is the possibility of interface modification from time to time. MOD APK is a common requirement during any such modifications, and mod apk games are a part of the same.

What is APK?

Before learning about the best mod apk games that you can download this year, let us learn a little about the term itself. What is APK? The full form of APK is Android Package File. Simply stating, APK is a complete packaging system, that any Android OS utilizes when there is an installation of specific applications on your phones.

It is similar to all those .exe files that you will find in your computers that run on Windows OS. So, if you install an APK, you are free not to depend on any kind of app store, for example, Google Play Store to download applications. An APK file comes handy especially when you want to download an application that is unavailable on Google Play Store. Besides, you can also utilize an APK file if you want to use any dated version of a specific application.

How to install an APK File?

If you want to download mod apk games, it is a must that you first learn how to install any APK file. Well, it is not very difficult to download an APK file if you can follow a few simple steps. Go to the preferred web browser and start downloading the APK version of whatever game that you want to install. Then, you have to check whether there is an option that says “install from an unknown source” present in the settings. If everything is correct, just click on the install option, and you are done!

Tips that you must keep in mind

There are a few points that you must keep in mind if you are downloading mod apk games instead of downloading from the Play Store.

Malware issues

Often, when you are trying to download APK files from unknown sources and websites can cause malware issues. As a result, damaging malware might affect your phone causing software damages and data loss.

 Illegal APKs

There are several illegal versions of popular applications that you can download and use without purchasing. However, you should not be indulging in such activities because it is a piracy issue and results in a breach of copyrights. So, it is a must that you first check whether what you have found is legitimate or not, and then only go ahead and download it.

Find the proper version

When you are downloading mod apk games, make sure that you are installing only the proper version of the same. The main reason for this tip comes from the fact that your phone may be updated now and won’t support a specific version of the application that you are trying to download.

Mod apk games – top mod games for 2020

Now that you are aware of all the basic concepts of mod apk games and how to install them, here you will learn about the ones you can in 2020.

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Idle Life Sim Mod Apk 1.0.1 Unlimited Money and Gems

Presented by Codigames, this is one of the most popular mod apk games that was released on the 15th of April this year. In this game, you will find yourself in a virtual world, where you can change avatars and make life decisions. You can choose a career, and dress up the way you wanted. You can also buy your own house, and furnish it the way you want.

Upgrading in this game means working better, learning new skills and getting a salary hike. Then you can have more money and move to a bigger house. Your grandma will be your guide the entire time, and you will just have to keep earning more money to keep up with the lifestyle.

Create avatars

There are several combinations that you can choose from. Besides, you can also choose the dress, appearance, hairstyle, features ad everything else. Also, keep trying different clothes, and keep buying them. You will then have a good wardrobe so that you can dress for any occasion. You can make changes to create an impression at your workplace. So, changing your appearance, coloring the hair, and more are some other options.

House customization

In this mod apk app, you will start from a basic loft, and then move into bigger houses, and finally a mansion. All thanks to your work and management who will help you earn more money. You will then be able to visit different shops where you can purchase furniture and other decorations for the house. For example, you can buy a nice bed, poufs, carpet, TV, and more. Upgrade with other accessories and decorations such as curtains, wall clock, paintings, and pictures. Next, try to modify the kitchen with appliances and all that you need. In the same way, you will have to keep earning money and upgrade your property.

Choose a good career

Choose any career you want in this game. You can become a sportsperson, cook, artist, or a techie. So, you will start with a basic job and then acquire new skills continuously. After some time, you will have to become the best at what you do. This will help you to become popular and earn more money. You will get options to accept job promotions that will help you secure higher positions in the organization. Apart from a pay raise, you can also get goodie points when you acquire newer skills.

Decide properly

You have to take charge of your life and everything else in this game. You have to keep upgrading the lives of the avatars that you have created so that they can keep earning more money. The different avatars will have separate progressions, all depending on your choices. So, if you love to manage things, then Idle Life is the perfect game for you. You have to apply strategies in this game to make the avatar succeed and upgrade their lives. Keep unlocking progress and levels as you become richer and better at work.

Mod info

Irrespective of your gender and career, in this game, money is what will make you move further. so, spend your wealth wisely. However, if you are running out of resources, then the modded apk is the best option. Here, you will get:

  • Infinite money
  • The money will remain intact irrespective of your expenditure
  • Unlimited gems

Used Car Dealer Mod Apk 1.9.256 Unlimited Gems

Developed by the famous Dragonfly Entertainment, it was last updated on the 2nd of April of this year. In this game, you will be a part of a virtual reality where you will be a used car dealer. You will have to manage the entire business from scratch. You have to make sure that you remain honest while managing your business.

How will you play?

  • Keep acquiring more inventory in the form of used vehicles from other dealers.
  • You have to hire salespeople and assistants who will deal with customers on your behalf.
  • Provide training to the salespeople and assistants on how they should deal with clients. They must learn how to ask questions and understand what the customer wants.
  • Calculating the “bottom dollar” for every second-hand vehicle
  • Keep managing the business well and upgrade your sales to unlock more inventory. As a result, you will be able to earn more money.
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Mod info

You can only become the best at what you do by polishing your skills and knowing how to handle customers in a better way. You must be sharp at bargaining skills if you want to tackle customers. Also, use the best resources and strategies to get more inventory. If you are again running out of resources, get the modded apk version that will offer:

  • No Ads
  • Free upgrades
  • Unlimited gems
  • Infinite money

Battle Bouncers Mod Apk 1.2.1 Unlimited Gold and Gems

The Game Hive Corporation presents to you this very interesting RPG Legendary Android Brick Breakers Game. In this game, you will gain a fun experience with the aim, bounce, and shoot towards the victory concept. The experience of epic new RPG brick-breaker from studios behind Beat the Boss and Tap Titans 2 is more than fantastic. When the world is going through a war situation and the enemy and strong and mysterious. There is just a group of heroes that can save people from all the distress.

Get on with smashing enemy lines, and assemble teams of legendary heroes, and call your friends to fight by your side. All of you fighting together can only bring justice and peace to the kingdom. As you are brawling through several levels of brick-breakers, keep commanding the others in the army.

You will have to manage and initiate devastating attacks on the opponent army by shooting magic balls at them. These magic balls will then turn into weapons that will smash the evil army. As you keep crossing different realms, you will have to release other heroes and utilize their powers to win the battle. This will help you to experience the real RPG adventure.

What will you do with Battle Bouncers?

You can experience the following with Battle Bouncers:

  • A fantastic, brand-new RPG brick breaker
  • Keep collection several battle heroes in the form of beasts, dwarfs, elves, humans, and more in this huge battle. In the end, everyone together will save the world from the evil power.
  • Shooting fireballs, destructive balls, and lightning bolts to crush the powerful enemy army.
  • Battle off an enemy army who are here to kill your fellow heroes and spread more destruction around the world.
  • Release heroes from shard prisons and find out what powers they have as they join your army in this huge battle.
  • Experience adventure by traveling across 10 beautiful kingdoms, and crossing more than 200 challenges. Also, each kingdom will have a separate set of challenges and at least one hero whom you will have to release from the shard prison.

Why would you play Battle Bouncers?

The following are factors that will convince you to play this game:

  • The heroic mode in this game helps you to keep visiting your favorite stages that have more difficult challenges. You have to keep winning these to earn more shards. These will help you when you want to initiate more powerful attacks on the enemy army.
  • In the tower mode, your side of the army can fight the enemies in a constant battle while moving up a tower. On your journey upwards, you have to keep collecting skill scrolls, gold, and tokens.
  • Shards are what helps you to unlock, upgrade, and evolve your battle abilities.
  • The clans will further help you to communicate with other heroes like you from all over the world. In this way, you can build your arsenal, and earn more clan tokens.

Mod Info

You must not underestimate the capability of any brick soldier. It is because they can easily overpower you if there is not enough strength in you. They are more powerful when you become extra vulnerable. If you are running out of money to purchase more updates and powerful heroes, then resort to the modded apk. Here you will get:

  • Infinite gold
  • All characters will be available, and you will not have to unlock them separately
  • Unlimited gems

Final thoughts

So, mod apk games is now no more a new concept for you. You know all the basic apk concepts, and also about the top mod games that you can download this year.

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