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Nano Cell TV

In our modern age and time, scientific and technological advancements are leading us into the future. We are living in a time where we are surrounded by the best of the best technology in all that we use. The gadgets that we use, that is, phones, laptops, tablets, television, and more, are all available in the market in a highly evolved form. Here, we will talk about a new kind of entertainment technology known as Nano Cell Tv.

We can now choose the absolute best for ourselves because of all the technological developments. When it comes to watching television, the models available in the market are absolutely fantastic. The latest development with respect to television is the use of Nano Cell technology. Nano cell technology will significantly enhance your television viewing experience.

What Is Nano Cell Technology? 

This is the latest technological advancement introduced by LG. Nano cells are basically particles which serve a very important function. Nano Cell technology makes use of particles. The particles serve the purpose of absorbing unwanted light wavelengths. Thus, these particles increase the likelihood of predominantly green and red wavelengths of light getting displayed on the screen. The purity of the green and red colors are higher in Nano Cell technology. Nano cell technology also serves the function of displaying the different shades of all colors in a more accurate form. This is true even in case of wide viewing angles. Thus, no matter where you are viewing your television screen, you will have a great viewing experience. Everyone viewing the television screen will have a top-notch viewing experience, irrespective of the viewing angle.

Why Is Nano Cell Technology Better? 

Televisions had come along from when they were first invented. Box televisions are with antennas to box televisions without antennas to televisions with bigger display screens. Before the introduction of the nano cell technology by LG, the most advanced technology used in televisions was IPS displays. Before IPS technology, in order to actually have a good viewing experience, people had to actually gather in front of the TV. The introduction of IPS technology leads to a major improvement in the viewing experience. This is because people could watch TV from various viewing angles with excellent quality contrast and brilliant experience color.

People did not have to be seated at the center of the TV to have a pleasant viewing experience. However, what makes the Nano cell technology even better than IPS technology is the fact that the quality of contrast and color provided by Nano cell technology is a notch above the IPS Display. The IPS display technology is nonetheless a great option too.

Features Of Nano Cell TV

There are several features offered by Nano cell technology television, which makes it the best technology utilized in televisions in the present day. The features have been stated as follows.

  • The technology employed by LG in their television models is called Nano cell technology because of the usage of particles which are minute in size. These particles are about a nanometer in diameter. The usage of these particles is what will take the viewing experience to an entirely new level altogether.
  • Television utilizing Nano cell technology uses these particles the size of approximately one nanometer in diameter. These particles are not the only minute in size but also uniform in their size. This means that all particles are of the same size. This, in turn, will help in the image displayed on screens to be more accurate and realistic in representation.
  • The images created on the LCD screen will enable you to see colors in their most perfect shade. You can view the image displayed from much broader angles. This means that no matter where you are seated, you will always be able to get a great view. There will basically be little to no difference in contrast and color for people not sitting directly in front of the television.
  • The Nano cell televisions by LG have utilized ULTRA luminance technology. This will allow you to see image highlights in a very bright, precise, crisp manner.
  • The LG Nano Cell technology televisions also offer the amazing feature of Dolby Vision and active HDR. This enables you to see very bright scenes and intricate shadow details.
  • With nano cell televisions by LG, your viewing experience will be more lifelike. This is because the Dolby Vision and premium HDR content are compatible with HLG as well as generic HDR10.
  • Along with Dolby Vision, LG Nano Cell televisions also offer the fantastic feature of Dolby Atmos sound. Along with great video quality, you will be able to experience incredible audio quality.
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Advantages Of Nano Cell TV

Along with the plethora of the latest features present in Nano cell televisions by LG, there are also many advantages of purchasing a Nano cell TV over the other models present in the market. This is because, along with these top-notch features, comes many benefits of having such a gadget at home. The benefits of Nano cell televisions have been stated as follows:

  • Multiple HDR formats will be supported by LG’s Nano cell televisions because these televisions have active HDR along with Dolby Vision.
  • The viewing experience will be incomparable to what is available in the market at present because Nano cell technology can absorb surplus light wavelengths. This capability allows the LCD screen to distinct colors. This, in turn, allows each color to be displayed distinctly with greater precision. Each colour is thus rendered as intended by the content producer. For instance, the chances of colors like green getting blended with colors having similar wavelengths such as blue and yellow are eliminated. When the green gets covered with colors of the same wavelengths, then a colour which is not exactly the shade produced by the content producer is displayed on the screen. With this latest technology, this possibility is significantly reduced. The limitation of color fading is overcome through Nano cell technology.
  • Another great advantage of Nano cell televisions over the conventional televisions available in the market is that it can significantly decrease on-screen light glow. Thus, even when the display is surrounded by ambient lighting of high intensity, you will still be able to experience high picture quality.
  • Technicolor is renowned in Hollywood for their expertise in image and color. The Nano cell televisions by LG are a partnership with Technicolor. This means that the already premium color reproduction technology present in LG’s 4K televisions have been taken to a higher level. You will be able to have a viewing experience with the most vivid colors. If you are someone who loves watching movies at home, this feature will be fantastic for you because you will be able to experience the well-known color science technology provided by Technicolor on your nano cell TV from the comfort of your own home!
  • The Nano cell televisions by LG utilize active HDR. This, in turn, enables the television to process HDR images in a frame-by-frame manner. The active HDR also enables the television to insert dynamic data, wherever it may be needed. Therefore, you get the best picture quality and viewing experience, irrespective of whether the content produced has static, dynamic, or no metadata.
  • The Dolby Atmos feature offered the Nano cell televisions of LG are fantastic at providing authentic and accurate audio to viewers. The audio experience you will get along with the fabulous viewing experience is perfect for consumers who love watching movies at home and want a movie theatre experience. The Dolby Atmos feature provides a 360° audio experience.

Nano Cell TV Models 

There is a wide range of nano cell televisions launched by LG available in 8K as well as 4K. There are six 8K models available that utilize Nano cell technology. Amongst the six 8K models, details of 97 model and 99 models are available. The details of the 95 model will be provided later this year.

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Nano99 8K

Under the 99 model, there are two models that have been launched by LG. They are the 75NANO99UNA and the 65NANO99UNA. The 75NANO99UNA is a 75-inch model. The 65NANO99UNA is a 65-inch model. Both of these models utilize Nano cell technology and offer full-array local dimming. Both these models have many of the features with regard to the processing as the OLED 8K televisions. This is because they both have the same processor. These two models have the α9 Gen 3 processor, which is the same processor present in the OLED 8K televisions. These two models do not have G-Sync. However, they both have the feature of Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). The Xbox One X supports the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Other features of these two models include the aforementioned backlight technology and a 60W speaker. The speaker comes with a 20W woofer.

Nano97 8K

Under the 97 series, there are two models that have been launched by LG having Nano cell technology. The two models are 75NANO97UNA and 65NANO97UNA. The 75NANO97UNA has a screen size of 75 inches, whereas the 65NANO97UNA comes with a 65-inch screen. On comparing the models under the 97 series to the models under the 99 series, the 97 series models are only a minor downgrade. In terms of screen size, both the 99 and 97 models are available in both 75 and 65-inch displays. However, the speaker in the 97 models has a lower wattage and is, therefore, less powerful. The 97 models come with a 40W speaker system.

Along with the slightly less powerful 40W stereo speaker, a 20W woofer is also present. The backlight technology available in the 97 models is a downgrade from the Full-Array Local Dimming Pro technology in the 99 models. The dimming array is reduced in the 97 models. Apart from the aforementioned features, the 97 models are at par with the 99 models in terms of together features. The models under the 97 series have the same processor, that is, the α9 Gen 3 processor, as the 99 models and the OLED 8K televisions by LG.

Before discussing the 4K Nano cell televisions by LG, it is crucial to know the difference between an 8K television and a 4K television. 8K televisions have four times greater resolution than 4K televisions. This means that the picture quality in 8K televisions is much better in terms of clarity, colour, and contrast than 4K televisions. 4K televisions have a resolution of 4096 X 2190 pixels. On the other hand, 8K TVs have a resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels.

Nano90 4K

Under the 90 series, all the models available are 4K televisions. There are four models under the 90 series launched by LG wit nano cell technology. The four models are 86NANO90UNA, 75NANO90UNA, 65NANO90UNA, 55NANO90UNA. The 85NANO90UNA comes with an 85-inch screen; the 75NANO90UNA has a 75-inch screen size; the 65NANO90UNA has a 65-inch display, and the 55NANO90UNA has a 55-inch display. With the models under the 90 series, although the resolution is lower, you have the opportunity to experience watching television on an 85-inch display. This big-screen size is not available for any of the 8K models with nano cell technology. All the four noodles under the 90 series come with α9 Gen 3 processors and therefore have the same features concerning the processing as the 97 models, 99 models, and the OLED 8K televisions. These models have Full Array Local Dimming backlight technology.

Nano85 4K

Under the 85 series, there are four models that have been launched by LG which utilize nano cell technology. The four models are 75NANO85UNA, 65NANO85UNA, 55NANO85UNA, and 49NANO85UNA having 75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 49-inch display, respectively. The 85 series offers you a smaller model with a 49-inch screen utilizing Nano cell technology, which is excellent for those who do not have space for a large television. The 85 series a downgrade from the 90 series. These models come with the α7 Gen 3 processor, which is the same as the processors of the OLED TV BX series. These models have underlying Local Dimming backlight technology.

Now that you know all that there is to know about Nano cell televisions, go ahead and make an informed decision about which television to purchase!

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