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See How You Can Do Running Workout for Weight Loss

Running Workout for Weight Loss

Fitness remains on the top of mind of most people these days. However, they don’t take any concrete steps to get fit. People keep making and writing down their health-related goals. They make diet charts, meal plans, and exercise routines.

But never follow them despite realizing the fact that their health is deteriorating with every passing day. While some people join a gym, others buy fitness equipment for home. People even research various types of workouts to get in shape. Achieving goals related to fitness becomes even more important for people who are overweight or out of shape.

Therefore, we have tried to help everyone who wants to lose weight through this blog post. We have shared some useful information on how running can help you in reducing weight. Running is one of the best types of workouts. Doing a running workout for weight loss has become a popular trend in the past few years. More and more people are trying to run to become healthy.

Know More About Running Workout for Weight Loss

Whether you have gained those extra pounds due to overheating during holidays, leading a sedentary lifestyle, or adopting bad dietary habits, you can shed them easily by running. Running is quite simple compared to lifting weights and other workouts. You don’t have to join any gym or buy expensive home gym equipment.

Running is one of the best cardio exercises, as you can benefit significantly even if you run for just a few minutes every day. Cardio exercise, which is also known as aerobic exercise, is a form of exercise that is characterized by vigorous and rhythmic activities that increase your heart rate. When you perform any cardio (i.e., cardiovascular) exercise, the oxygen level and blood flow increase throughout your body.

Some other types of exercises that come under the category of cardio exercises are jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and cycling. Running has proven to be an effective and budget-friendly cardio exercise. The best part is that you can carry out a running workout for weight loss without the guidance or supervision of a physical trainer. You don’t even have to make drastic changes to your meal plans.

Running Workout for Weight Loss: Different Types

Along with decreasing weight, running can also help you to gain muscles. You can combine running along with other workouts to get the maximum benefit. It may surprise you to know, but there are several types of running workouts that you can do to lose weight. We have explained some of the types of running workouts in the following paragraphs.

Downward Ladder

The downward ladder is a running workout for weight loss that is considered to be a bit difficult. But with regular practice, you can ace this type of running workout. You have to start running at a medium pace and continue running at the same pace for one mile. Then, you need to go jogging for two minutes.

Now, you need to run at a high pace for about half a mile. After running for half a mile, you should jog for one minute. Then, you should again start running at a high pace for a quarter mile. You can repeat this sequence as many times as you want. But you should keep in mind the downward ladder can make you feel exhausted. If you are not used to running a lot, you should stay cautious while doing this running workout.

Hill Repeats

As the name suggests, hill repeats is a running workout for weight loss that you can carry out on a hill. If there is a hill located in the vicinity of your home or workplace, you can do hill repeats to shed those extra pounds. You need to run up and down the hill while doing this running workout.

Go to the hill and run uphill to reach the top of the hill. If the hill is longer, you can avoid running to the top. You can run for just ten seconds. After reaching the top, you need to come back down by jogging. Repeat this sequence at least ten times to get the desired results. Hill repeats is helpful for strengthening your muscles and joints.

Image Credit: World Atheletics

The Fartlek

Unlike other types of running workouts, the fartlek does not require you to follow any specific sequence. You can come up with your own sequence by combining different types of cardio exercises, such as running, walking, and jogging. You can even keep changing the pace of your running throughout the workout.

This running workout for weight loss captures the attention of many people due to its unique name. ‘The Fartlek’ means ‘Speed Play’ in Swedish. This workout seems easier than other workouts as it has an element of excitement. One of the custom sequences that you can follow is running at a high pace for ten minutes, walking at a slow pace, jogging for two minutes, and then again running for ten minutes at a high pace.


One-for-one running workout is similar to the fartlek running workout, but there are some differences as well. Just like the fartlek, the one-for-one running workout also does not require you to follow any specific sequence. You have to switch between running and other types of cardio exercises.

Image Credit: Runner’s World

But you have to follow a fixed timing to conduct this running workout for weight loss. You should keep a watch or a clock with yourself. You need to work for a minute, and then for the next minute, you can either walk or jog, depending on your preference. You can repeat this as many times as you want. This running workout allows you to catch your breath, and thus, you won’t feel extremely tired.

Steady-State Explosions

If you have gotten confused after reading about the running workouts mentioned above, you should choose steady-state explosions, which is a conventional type of running workout for weight loss. You should run at a moderate pace for twenty minutes. But instead of running continuously, you can take a one-minute break every five minutes.

During this break, you don’t have to sit or rest. In fact, you have to perform activities like on-the-spot jogging, pushups, squat jumps, and jumping jacks. This running workout will help you to burn calories fast. If you have never done running workouts before, you should start with this type of workout to get used to running.

Image Credit: Gold Coast Marathon

When you start doing any running workout for weight loss, you might feel physically burned out. But you need to show persistence and continue doing the workout. You should take recovery intervals of an adequate amount of time. It might take a while for your body to adapt to running.

Final Thoughts

We are sure that you would have liked reading this blog on running workouts. If you feel that you need to lose weight, you should try running. You should make sure to stay away from junk and processed foods.

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