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supernatural creature on bridge

Humankind has always been curious about anything that science could not describe, not instantly. It is our nature to find a practical reason behind anything around us. This is how we get the alien theory behind the stone faces of the stonehenge and the pyramids. We have found loch ness in lakes and a design of a smiling face on the moon’s surface. So when the bizarre video of what seemed to be a supernatural creature on Bridge was uploaded on social media websites, the conspiracy theorists could not keep calm.

A thirty-second clip of a bizarre video has recently taken over social media platforms. The post owner says they have seen something like a supernatural creature on a bridge in Jharkhand, India. Since the clip appeared on the internet, people say it can be an alien as they see a red Lapras wing of a UFO in the thirteenth second of the clip. However, some experts are dubious about the video’s authenticity, but netizens haven’t stopped talking about it. 

So, we decided to take on this opportunity to talk about some of the famous or infamous visuals of supernatural beings being recorded on camera. So brace yourselves as here come some famous incidents of supernatural creature Bridge.

supernatural creature on bridge

Alabama and The White Thang

Witnesses claimed to catch glimpses of a creature almost 8feet tall. They say the creature has white hair. Many incidents of the sight of this creature took place in Etowah, Jefferson, and Morgan since the 1940s. However, some people say it is a creature with glowing eyes, and it resembles a kangaroo with a catlike head. Some open-minded witnesses have also comforted themselves by stating it is nothing more than an albino bigfoot.

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Alaska and the Loch Ness, known as Tizheruk

Rumors of the Loch Ness in Alaska resurfaced when a fisherman unveiled a video in 2009. The witnesses describe this creature as a sea serpent with a flipper. Some witnesses also said that this 15 feet tall creature could snatch adults from the docks. However, the Loch Ness monster has not recorded any violent activity.

supernatural creature on bridge

The Mogollon Monster from the deserts of Arizona

The Boogeyman from Arizona is also a bigfoot-Esque being and has a more traceable existence in many legends of the States from the past. Some people state that this bigfoot-Esque creature is an exiled chief, whereas others have more interesting theories about this big foolish monster.

Most witnesses described the Mogollon monster with long black or reddish-brown hair. We also know from these descriptions that it is a bipedal creature. However, the mystical being has no hair on its chest, hands, face, and feet. This 7feet tall monster with red, glowing eyes stinks.

The dark watchers of CA

 The dark watchers are not a group of people who enjoy the Netflix series Dark. The native American tribes from the central coast of CA have been living in this area for a long time, and even they say that the watchers are there before them. The Chumash tribes thus call them’ the old ones.’ The faces of the watchers have never been known to the public. However, some witnesses describe them as silhouettes of darkness. They said this 15feet tall creature lurked from the twilight skies. These watchers are nothing like the other creatures on our list. They have a good sense of fashion as some witnesses said the watchers wear wide-brimmed hats and cloaks. Sometimes they also use a walking stick.

The melon heads of Connecticut

The melon heads of Connecticut are an amazing late-night horror story for drivers. Many drivers often admitted that they accelerated their vehicle past the speed limit while driving through Connecticut to avoid incidents of running into these melon heads. However, some witnesses who were unlucky to experience their interaction have described them as small humans with relatively huge melonlike heads (thus, the name) lurking in the woods. According to the witnesses, these tiny melon heads are violent, and according to the witnesses, they can bite people who dare to enter their area. So, if you are driving through Connecticut, we suggest driving through it when there is still some daylight remaining.

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Altamaha-ha from Georgia

Our next guest on this list is coming straight from Georgia. Although Altamaha-ha is a funny name to be a name of a supernatural creature, the creature’s appearance, as described by the witnesses, is enough to turn your blood into the water. The Altamaha-ha swims like a dolphin with a face full of large, sharp teeth like a crocodile. It is a strange green 20-30 feet long stream-dweller with protruding eyes and a bony ridge on the top. Scary, huh!

supernatural creature on bridge

Skunk ape of Florida

The Skunk ape is Florida’s reply to the legends of bigfoots from all over the states. The Skunk ape has some terrifying stories of an ape-like creature running upright on two legs, spreading a bad odor in the environment. Now it can be an unnaturally large ape with gastric problems? Ever thought that? However, the experts remain dubious about its existence as it has a 2.2 million-acre swampland area to run around. Guess we will never know the truth about the Skunk ape.

Final Thoughts

We have described here some of the most famous recorded supernatural activities from the States. Some were terrifying appearances with relatively funny names, some with funny names and appearance, yet have recorded some violence to humankind. We don’t know how many of these stories are true, just like we are still dubious about the clip of a supernatural being on Bridge in Jharkhand, India. No matter how many of these stories are true, one thing is sure: human thoughts and curiosity know no limit. And that is how we like it to be.

Vikram Deo