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The Impact of Smartphone to People’s Interests in this Generation

Impact of smartphones

The swift progress of technology has significantly influenced the life of many people. It continuously brings success to different industries around the globe. The technology serves as the backbone of anyone’s success story. As it’s continually improving, people unceasingly keep with the progress of assimilating a trend and Impact of Smartphones to People’s Interests that never stops to reproduce . 

The smartphone is one of the products of technology. From the simple call and text services, impact of smartphones even offer far way more advanced features than before. You can connect to anyone in all parts of the world through voice and video calling. The typical way of shopping became possible with the tip of your finger. 

The advancement of technology makes impossible things possible. Hence, many drastic changes have occurred in the lives of most people today. Check the details below to see the impact of smartphones on people in this generation.

New Bookworm

Reading books has been proven the entertaining and stimulating activity at the same time. With the swift progress of technology, electronic books or eBooks have been created to the public. If you’re fond of collecting eBooks of your favorite authors, you might share them with your friends and colleagues online. However, you need to convert your eBooks in pdf to jpg files.

Most eBooks are in PDF format and aren’t applicable to upload online because the file’s visual layout might change. Hence, you have to convert your PDF ebooks to JPG, an ideal format for online uploads. 

As a book lover, you might have tons of your favorite books carefully arranged on your bookshelves. You could have fun organizing them by colors, authors, and sizes from the smallest to the biggest. As long as it’s all about books, you always find it fun. 

Before the popularity of eBooks, you used to go to the nearest bookstores in your free time. Today, the internet has it all for you. Books even go digital. Hence, the invention of electronic books has been successful in the market today. 

With a click of your finger, you’ll get your books after a couple of days in your front door. Book lovers have been transformed into modernized bookworms. Instead of holding a physical book, your hands keep holding your smartphone in a perfect angle so you can read eBooks properly, and you keep on reading whenever you want. 

Since reading eBooks is more convenient, you tend to spend more time with your smartphone only to read up to its last page. Indeed, the eBooks on your smartphone has changed you to be a new bookworm in this generation.

Contemporary Shopaholic 

Most people always find shopping as an exciting activity. You tend to spare time going to your favorite shopping mall in your busy schedule. It excites you a lot to think of what’s new in the stores of your favorites. It could be heels and dresses for women or running shoes, sneakers, and wristwatches for men. If you have the resources, shopping could be irresistible.

As time goes by, things have changed to shoppers. Instead of visiting a shopping mall, you now go online. The internet has a lot to offer when it comes to doing business. Manufacturing and retailing companies make use of the potential of the internet to expand their business and earn more profit.  

Online shopping becomes a contemporary system of buying and selling different products online. Shoppers can easily purchase anything they want using their smartphones, and receive the order after a couple of days. Electronic mode of payment also becomes usual and gains trust from many shoppers around the world.

Online stores continue to increase, and the range of the products widens to the point that you can buy almost anything online. Hence, this progress helps change people to become contemporary shopaholics. 

Latest Sports Enthusiasts 

Many people love playing sports. Most of them play to become healthy, and others play as their profession. However, some play games for fun to kill time when they get bored. It could be basketball, football, baseball, and many others. Whatever the reason for playing, sports have been proven as part of people’s lives. 

The advancement of technology significantly helps people enjoy their favorite sports in the middle of their hectic schedules. Fantasy sports come to existence and offer opportunities to sports lovers to play using their smartphones. It provides a virtual sports field with virtual teams of players, but the same rules apply to a real game. 

Playing fantasy sports has been popular for many years in the market today. You only need to download an app on your smartphone, create an account, and you can start playing. Since fantasy sports can be done online, you can play and match your virtual teams with different teams of other states or countries. Hence, fantasy sports have transformed people into becoming a new set of players in this era.  


Technology continuously makes smartphones to be more advanced in response to people’s needs. It aims to give a life of comfort, happiness, and convenience. Indeed, impact of smartphones influenced people’s lives and interests over the years. 


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