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Virtual Receptionist

Hiring a full-time receptionist for your office can get quite expensive. Other than salary, you will have to pay for additional expenses such as bonuses, lunch, healthcare, vacation, office equipment, and more that add up to thousands of dollars each month. Apart from the increased expenses, it can be a major issue for businesses when the receptionist takes leave. 

On the other hand, a virtual receptionist offers numerous advantages. Not only they eliminate those extra costs but also they are available all the time to ensure your business provides high-quality customer service.

Now, with plenty of virtual receptionist services available on the internet, it comes as no surprise that you will get baffled. So, to help you select the right service for your business, I have compiled a list of top 3 virtual receptionist services:  

  1. VoiceNation

VoiceNation is an excellent choice especially for businesses having a tight budget. Starting with a price as low as $30 per month, VoiceNation offers 24/7 live virtual receptionist service. You will be charged depending on the minutes that the receptionists take to handle your calls. Unlike a full-time receptionist, VoiceNation is dedicated entirely to your business goals without taking a break. The company offers various services, like choosing a local or toll-free phone number, answering calls, delivering messages, creating call scripts, scheduling appointments, and so on. VoiceNation also helps businesses with processing orders as well as providing order-related information to customers. Plus, the language barrier is not an issue when VoiceNation has bilingual receptionists to take care of Spanish-speaking customers.

Whether your business is located in a large city or in a rural area, VoiceNation aims to provide the best service throughout the U.S.

  1. RingCentral
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RingCentral focuses on delivering reliable VoIP solutions to all businesses. Rather than assigning a live receptionist, the company offers an Auto-Receptionist feature that handles calls, greets clients, routes calls and transfers calls to any department just like a live receptionist would. Apart from that, the company provides 24/7 free support should you have any trouble setting up the cloud-based phone system. RingCentral breaks the barrier of communication by enabling businesses to connect with clients and collaborate with the team from anywhere using any device. 

The pricing plans range from $24.99 to $49.99 depending on the number of toll-free minutes and certain features you need for your business. 

  1. Nexa

Nexa is a live virtual receptionist service which provides industry-specific training to each receptionist for the best outcome possible. The company delivers outstanding customer support to legal, insurance, real estate and franchise industries on the basis of a customized script. In addition, Nexa offers bilingual receptionists to answer calls from potential clients speaking foreign languages. In case of sudden emergencies, Nexa provides immediate customer support and appointment scheduling services to help your business deliver a great customer experience.

Nexa offers plans depending on the number of minutes a business wants to avail for customer service. The package offering the minimum number of minutes is 100 while the maximum is 500. Further minutes are available upon request for businesses having larger call volume. 

The choice of a virtual receptionist service depends entirely on the requirements of your business. So, before purchasing any service, it is vital to go through the features they offer and whether they will benefit your business in the long-term.

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