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Money Online

Unikrn is the number one place online for all things Esports. The home of all the best odds and markets for every title and every event across the globe, Unikrn has an unbeatable range of outrights and in-play odds, as well as live streams that users can tune into and watch all the action with. Read on to find top tips for making money at Unikrn.

On top of that, there’s a news section updated daily with all the latest stories and goings-on from around the competitive gaming community, as well as a plethora of new modes and features designed to help take your experience to the next level. Here are a couple of the best tips for making money at Unikrn

Listen To The Esports Tipster

Unikrn have arguably the world’s best Esports tipster in the online world, with the site housing its very own tab for all the latest tips and updates from the events, tournaments and competitions right across the world. 

As the name would suggest, the Esports Tipster is a master of every major title out there and has managed to snag an impressive success rate when it comes to predicting the leading games out there. With regular blog updates a good few times a week and his very own Twitter handle to follow, you never have to worry about missing out on the latest tips from the world of competitive gaming.

The real value in the Esports Tipster however is his ability to explain the difference between normal wagers and the real value parlay builds that will stretch your winnings to the max. 

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This is especially handy for those users out there who might not have the most top tier understanding of the ins and outs of various Esports titles, how they work, how they’re measured etc. For building out the those big wagers around the amount of rounds won, top frags, amount of maps played etc. that are all so vital to understanding Esports wagers, it’s another string to the bow of the Tipster that will help you stretch your winnings out further. 

Making money at Unikrn when Playing Games is home of Umode, the best online skill gaming platform in the world that lets users live out their dreams and make money playing video games. Utilising a unique and innovative Blockchain backend, Umode is a player vs. house wagering system that allows users to synch up their own personal accounts and begin backing themselves in some of their favourite Esports titles online.

Unikrn will present players with a handful of challenges for the game, which players will be able to choose from and place a wager on whether they’ll be able to complete them or not. The wagers can vary from something as simple as winning the game to more game-specific challenges such as planting the bomb a certain amount of times in CS:GO.

Whereas traditional betting always carries a risk that is out of a user’s control, Umode eliminates that and puts the onus on the user. Gamers will always know how good their skill is, much more than they could know about the ins and outs of another player or team they might place a bet on, so Umode eliminates a lot of the risks that traditional wagering might bring. 

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It also allows for a far more personalised and fair time of things, with Umode letting players choose their challenges and the player vs. house model taking out the risk of hustler or sharks that might come from a Moneymatch.    


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