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The most popular card game in India is surely rummy. However, different variations of the same card game are played in different parts of India. Understanding how each variant differs is necessary to enjoy these games online. Here we have listed the popular online rummy games available on Khelplay Rummy and other popular card game sites and apps.

Based on the Number of Cards Used

The number of cards used in different rummy card game variations vary. Based on the number of cards used, the Indian rummy card games are classified as follows:

10 Cards Rummy

As the name suggests, in this variation, the dealer distributes 10 cards to each player. The life is formed when the player forms one pure (natural) sequence. The player is charged 20 points for first drop or quitting the game right at the beginning. The player is charged 40 points for second drop or quitting the game any time after picking the cards. When a loser in rummy has a full hand, his points are counted as 80 points.

13 Cards Rummy

This is the standard variation in Indian rummy card games. In this variation, dealer distributes each player with 13 cards. Life is formed out of one natural (pure) sequence and one artificial (real) sequence. In this variation, the first drop will cost a player 25 points while the second drop will be charged 50 points. If the person has a full hand when the opponent wins then it is counted as 100 points.

21 Cards Rummy

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Like the 13-card variation, even in this format of rummy, the life is formed by one pure sequence and one real sequence. However, the player has more cards at hand so the game spans over a longer duration of time. It is a good variation to play if you have more players.

Based on the Way the Winner is Decided

As already mentioned, having more points in the hand can be a great drawback in Indian rummy card games. In series games like Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy, the points of each player are calculated and based on that the winner is decided at the end of the series. Here we have explained these variations in greater detail:

Deals Rummy

In this variation of rummy card game, the number of deals that are going to be played are decided well in advance. After the end of the decided number of deals, the player with the least points is the winner and the one with maximum points is the loser. Khelplay Rummy app allows its users to choose between 2 deals rummy, 3 deals rummy and 6 deals rummy options.

Pool Rummy

In this variation of rummy card game, the cut off points is decided well in advance. Whoever crosses the cut off points is out of the game. The one who survives till the end is the winner. Khelplay Rummy app allows the players to choose between 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy.

Points Rummy

This is not a series rummy game. The game ends in just one round. After the end of one round, whoever has maximum points is the loser and the one who calls it rummy is the winner.

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To win in rummy card games, just knowing the rules of the game variations is not enough. You should also be abreast with the tricks and tactics associated with the game to make winning possible. It is a game of practice and patience. Playing rummy frequently enhances your calculation skills and also your ability to strategize.



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