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What is Google Chrome Helper

The Internet has become the best friend of many people, especially those who search online about almost everything they need and want. Whether it’s the latest movie, a recipe for a trending dish, a new language, or a legal issue, people use the Internet to seek appropriate solutions for most things that occur throughout their day.

When you search for something on the Internet, you need a few basic things. These things are the device (computer, smartphone, or iPad), an Internet connection, and a browser. A browser, which is also known as a web browser and an Internet browser, is a software program that explores, accesses, and displays information available on the World Wide Web. This information is in the form of web pages.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Safari are a few popular browsers that people use today. Every device that is made to allow users to perform searches on the Internet must have a browser. In this blog post, we are going to talk about ‘Google Chrome Helper’, which is related to the ‘Google Chrome’ browser. We will see what is google chrome helper and what its use is.

What is Google Chrome Helper?

What is Google Chrome Helper
Image Credit: Apple Stack Exchange

Google chrome helper is a component of the google chrome browser, which is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It is an interface between the embedded code in the browser and the remote servers required for plug-ins to work. It is set in such a way that it automatically runs along with the default settings of google chrome. Google chrome helper starts running as soon as a user launches the browser.

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Now that you have understood what is google chrome helper let’s see why so many users complain about it. If you use an Apple Macbook, you must be aware of the google chrome browser. You must also have encountered several problems related to it.

Even if you haven’t used google chrome helper, you might be aware of how users complain about it on various forums and Facebook pages. Many users dislike and even disable google chrome helper because it consumes CPU cycles and the computer’s memory. You can see it in the ‘Activity Monitor’ menu of your computer. The activity monitor displays all the resources currently being used on your Mac in real-time.

Why Does Google Chrome Helper Become Problematic?

What is Google Chrome Helper
Image Credit: Make Tech Easier

Along with learning ‘what is google chrome helper’, you should also learn why it creates problems. Usually, google chrome helper runs smoothly unless certain unfavorable situations arise. It stops working or responding when the plug-in settings of your google chrome browser are configured to run everything by default. It’s worth mentioning here that not all plug-ins cause problems.

Most users complain about google chrome helper not responding when they use the plug-ins that work with flash content. Chrome helper also stops working when several problems related to google chrome start running at the same time. Another reason why chrome helper in your Mac starts giving you problems is that you have an extension that is not secured from malware.

How Can You Disable Google Chrome Helper?

We have not just covered ‘what is google chrome helper’ and ‘why google chrome helper causes problems?’ in this blog post. We have also shown how you can disable google chrome helper. A lot of users disable the google chrome helper when they feel that it is becoming too problematic. The process required to disable chrome helper is simple.

What is Google Chrome Helper
Image Credit: Make Tech Easier

First, you need to open a google chrome browser window. Now, select the three-dot menu icon in the top-right. From the list of options, choose the ‘Settings’ option. When the settings window is opened, select the ‘Privacy and security’ option from various options in the panel located on the left-hand side. Now, choose the ‘Site Settings’ option.

You will see different types of settings. You need to scroll down and select ‘Additional Permissions’. Under additional permissions, you will see the option ‘Unsandboxed plug-in access’. You need to select this option. Now, you will see a slider at the top of the menu. This slider is located against the option ‘Ask when a site wants to use a plug-in to access your computer (recommended)’.

You need to shift the slider to the ‘Off’ position. Once you do this, the option stated above will get updated to ‘Do not allow any site to use a plug-in to access your computer’. After you have disabled the google chrome helper, the web pages will not run third-party plug-ins.

Apart from learning ‘what is google chrome helper’ and ‘how to disable google chrome helper?’, you should also learn how to re-enable chrome helper. If you have disabled chrome helper in the past and want to enable it again, you just need to shift the aforementioned slider to the ‘On’ position. Once you have disabled chrome helper, you can stop flash ads from loading.


We hope you have gotten a basic idea of what is google chrome helper and what its use is. Although many experts advise against disabling it, users disable chrome helper when they start having a hard time due to it.

Priya Bhagtani