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Real Estate

Most clients in the real estate market are wary of unfamiliar professionals. This is primarily due to the inability to ask questions and not knowing what questions to ask the real estate. In this post, I will teach you the technology of “asking questions” and list those that will testify to the qualifications of the real estate agent and the ability to trust him. First, about the technology. This thing is called “follow-up questions.” The idea is that your next question is a consequence of the answer you received. For example, a real estate agent says to you: – “I have buyers for your apartment” you ask the question: – “Where did they come from?” He says “for another apartment that I am selling.” You ask: “What kind of apartment is this? Did you sell it? How long have you been selling it? “These are the “follow-up questions”. With such a chain of questions, you will easily understand whether they are telling you the truth, and how much the person providing the questions owns the topic of discussion. Now let’s list the questions that should be answered by any real estate agent and try to provide answers to them.

Explain to me why I need a real estate agent at all?

A real estate agent is needed in order to achieve a better result in money, in time when selling, and in the quality of real estate when buying, than the result obtained without a real estate agent. How, with what tools and actions, and why these actions will be the best result the real estate agent must explain to you.

What are you going to do that I can’t do myself?

Usually, people entrust other people with work that they do not want, cannot physically, or do not know how to do. It is this explanation that you must ask for. And this is a topic for another article, but let me give you a couple of examples.

The real estate agent can find out the needs of the buyer, as he can ask the questions “what interests you, where exactly, why exactly this”. The real estate agent will receive answers to these questions since he offers a choice of several objects. The owner only has one apartment, and such questions are inappropriate. The buyer will say, “Why are you asking this, show me what you have and I will choose myself.”

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There is a term “show the apartment” and this is what the owner does on his own. He shows, since he does not have information about the buyer, what is important and critical to him, the buyer when buying and cannot find out. And therefore, such a show often occurs, which is called a “finger to the sky” if not worse. What does the real estate agent do instead of showing? He sells the benefits of THIS APARTMENT that meet the basic needs of THIS BUYER. I know that customers are very hospitable people, they often have guests, parties, and feasts. Then I start to SELL a large living room studio that perfectly meets these needs. The result, obviously, will be better than if you paint the merits of the children’s room.

The real estate agent can find out the needs of the buyer, but the owner cannot. The real estate agent can sell specific benefits to a specific buyer, and the owner can only “show”.

Another example, is the owner cannot call the buyer back after he has looked at the apartment and asked “what do you think?” By the very fact of such a call, the owner reduces the value of his property. After all, the buyer immediately understands that “if you call me, then I am the only one who offered these conditions. If someone after me offered the same thing, you would not call me now. “If a real estate agent calls and starts negotiations, this does not mean anything except that he is doing his job.

And yet, in the definition of a classical mediator, there is such a thing. During the negotiations, the mediator makes proposals that are not binding. That is, when the intermediary offers the buyer prices and conditions, then this offer is not binding, from the point of view of both parties. It is this position that makes it possible to bring the requests of the parties closer to a level that suits all. The owner and the buyer cannot do that. Everything they offer is perceived by the opposite side as a rigid commitment. In a separate article, you will find out what a professional can do and an amateur cannot.

Why do I need an exclusive real estate agent relationship?

For the owner, there are three models of selling his apartment – “himself”, “let all real estate agents” and “only one real estate agent”. The third model is the so-called “exclusive”. The main goal of exclusive for the client is to get the real estate agent to use the tools and methods of selling the apartment that will give the best results, which are not possible with the other two models. This is mainly due to the number of buyers attracted to the object. Yes, yes, this is not a typo. Most sellers think that if they give their item to everyone, more buyers will see it, and this is the biggest mistake that can be made. Just put yourself in the shoes of such a real estate agent. Will you be ready for everyone and tell every corner what a good house it is and what a wonderful apartment # 265 is for sale on the best 16th floor? I give you a 1000% guarantee,

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What real estate agents do without exclusives, they often begin to “hide” the object and distort information about it, so as not to give a tip to the buyer and not lose the commission. Here is such a paradox! An even bigger mistake is to tell the real estate agent “take your commission from the buyer”. If the buyer pays the real estate agent, who will the bargain be in? That’s right, in favor of the buyer. In the following answers, you will understand how to properly bargain, and what the real estate agent you hired must do for this.

How much, how, when and what should I pay you for?

The correct answer is that after you pay the real estate agent his remuneration, you should have more money in your wallet than if you don’t pay it. The work of a real estate agent is to achieve the most favorable terms of the transaction for you and thus justify your commission. Let the real estate agent give you a price tag, and it doesn’t matter if it’s% or some kind of fixed figure. You must be sure that you will win. Stefan Soloviev is one of Real Estate’s top leaders, with a diverse portfolio of expertise.

How to choose a real estate agent who can achieve the desired result?

Frankly speaking, the one who was able to understand and reasonably answer all of the above questions is already worthy of your attention . But seriously, instead of slogans, let him show you the tools and activities with which he will achieve his goals. DEMONSTRATION is the key to your heart!

What guarantees can you give me that you will do everything?

One of my fellow real estate agents said “for every action that I have promised and will not do, I am ready to shell out 100 euros.” In my opinion, it’s hard to come up with the best guarantee!

I hope that these short and how I call them “basic” questions, the technology of “follow-up” questions, and clues about what answers to look for will help you make the right choice and not get screwed up.


I believe in creativity and try to express the same with my words. I enjoy writing and keeping myself in touch with the books.