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Being a manager requires certain unique abilities and skills that not everyone possesses, but they can be developed over time to benefit the goals of the company or the task at hand. In the business world, a manager is the head of a group or organization, responsible for guiding the team to achieve set goals. However, a good manager not only focuses on completing tasks but also ensures that the team feels comfortable, motivated, and knows they can rely on their manager for any eventualities along the way.

Ways to Self-Train as a Manager – Marc Anthony Hurr

Currently, it is very common to opt for self-taught learning techniques as they allow us to learn more about ourselves, our capabilities, and areas where improvement is needed.

To achieve business success, a good manager needs to practice specific skills and develop healthy habits to effectively lead a team.

Recognition of Efforts

A good manager should positively reinforce the trust of their subordinates. Through this strategy, an employee will feel valued by the company and be more committed to completing assigned tasks. Inspiring your team and promoting an environment of trust, where everyone can freely express their opinions, will make your subordinates feel valued and heard.

Setting Attainable Goals

Setting individual and group goals for your team will make your subordinates more organized in their workflow, enabling them to complete one task and move on to the next, ultimately working together to achieve the set goals. Additionally, a good manager should take an interest in the work of their subordinates, being aware of the challenges they face in their daily tasks.

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It is well-known that one person cannot do everything alone. In this case, a manager must learn to delegate tasks, which means trusting in the abilities of their subordinates to carry out specific assignments. Delegating also indirectly allows your team to feel confident and motivated to give their all in accomplishing the assigned tasks.

Marc Anthony Hurr is a successful entrepreneur who has implemented these strategies to develop himself as a good manager. He acknowledges that becoming a good manager takes time and consistent implementation of these strategies, eventually leading to the success of the entire team.