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There are numerous benefits of using electronic signatures over the traditional ink and paper handwritten signatures. Electronic signatures are legally binding just like the handwritten signatures and they are recognized internationally. There are numerous platforms such as Soda PDF that you can use to add electronic signatures to your files. This article will give you the reasons why electronic signatures are important for your business.

Lower Transaction Costs

Using digital platforms to append signatures or draw a signature on documents is more cost-effective than traditional handwritten signatures. This is because there is minimal room for human error that slows down the transaction process. If a signing mistake is undetected, it can cause huge financial losses. Additionally, using papers, storage of papers, sending and receiving documents and printing is expensive. The e-signs will help you cut back on these costs.

Saves Time

Imagine the time that is wasted in handwritten signatures. You need to prepare the documents, print, ship it, fax and wait for the file to get back to you again. With digital signature, you can quickly prepare and send the files instantaneously and receive the feedback almost immediately. Electronic signatures shorten the transaction time by almost 90%. Speed is very essential in business as it helps to improve productivity. This means you can communicate with someone who is extremely far away and close business deals in just a few minutes.


You can be sure your files are highly secure if you are using electronic signatures. This is because digitally signed documents are secured with password and authentications. This means only authorized users can access the files. Only the signer and the sender can access or edit the document. Applications such as sign soda PDF has a high level of security to the file users. Hand signed documents do not provide this level of security. The documents can easily land on wrong hands and the signatures can be easily forged. To avoid this, you need to transition to using electronic signatures. The electronic software can easily detect even the slightest change in the files and immediately notify you.

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Convenience and Reliability

Preparing and managing paperwork is time-consuming. You need to keep track of all the files you are sending and receiving for signatures. Also, storing these paper files is tiresome and can result in so many human errors. However, with digital document processing, it is much easier to trail all the files and storage and files retrieval is quick and easy. This makes work easier and faster for your business.

Simple and Spontaneous

Platforms such as Soda PDF are easy and fast to use. These systems are ready to help you sign, send, receive and store your documents safely. The system helps you create an encrypted link for the security of the document.

Saving the Environment

Processing documents on digital platforms helps in conserving the environment. Using papers and inks is not environmental friendly. To produce paper, trees are cut. To make a sheet of A4 paper, 10 liters of water is used. To save the environment adopt the use of electronic signatures for your business. Using digital document management systems increases the efficiency of your business, saves you time and secures your business. Additionally, it will save you money which is instrumental to the successful running of the business.