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Airtel Plans

There are several prepaid plans that you can choose from as a user of Airtel’s cellular service when you go in to do your mobile recharge. Some come with a good amount of data for you to use, while some allow you to make as many calls as you want domestically or send text messages at no additional cost. But, there are a few plans which, in addition to all of the services that have been mentioned so far, also come with a Disney+ Hotstar subscription for which you do not have to pay a dime extra. This article will tell you all about them. Read on to know more.

The ₹3359 Plan

This particular recharge option, which comes bundled with an Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar subscription for 1 year, will allow you to use 2.5 GB of high-speed internet every day. Additionally, you will be able to make unlimited local, roaming and STD calls and even send up to 100 free text messages daily. With this plan, you also get subscriptions of various other services such as Apollo 24/7, Wynk Music and free Hello Tunes. This plan is valid for a total of 365 days.

The ₹999 Plan

This recharge plan can be considered to be the much younger brother of the aforementioned plan. If you go for this particular amount while doing your mobile recharge, you will get all the benefits of the ₹3359 plan, which includes the Disney+ Hotstar subscription. Additionally, you will get access to any one of the Airtel Xstream channels. But, keep in mind that the ₹999 plan has a validity of 84 days only.

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The ₹839 Plan

The ₹839 Plan is identical to the ₹999 plan in every way. The validity period, calling and texting privileges and the add-on services you get are just as same as its ₹999 counterpart. But, there are two places where this plan differs from the ₹999 plan difference. Here, you will not get the Amazon Prime Video subscription that comes bundled with the aforementioned recharge plan. The second difference is instead of 2.5GB a day, you will only get to use 2GB of data on daily basis.

The ₹779 Plan

This plan is identical to the ₹839 plan and the ₹999 plan in almost every way. But, there are two key differences. The first point of distinction is that instead of 2GB a day, you will only get to use 1.5GB of high-speed data every day. The other thing that makes this plan slightly different is the fact that this plan is valid for 90 days, whereas the two plans mentioned above this, are valid for only 84 days.


There are the plans mentioned above and so many other smaller versions of the same that will grant you access to Disney+ Hotstar as well. To know more about them and take a deep dive into their specifics, you can visit Airtel’s official website. You can learn everything you need to know about Airtel’s services, ranging from how to port your number from one carrier to another to how to block sim card.