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In today’s Era, it is not necessary to buy a TV and cable to watch free series. Due to the grand evolution on the internet, there are many Online streaming sites started which are Best sites to Watch series Online free. As we know there are multiple websites available on the google to Watch series online free in HD clarity hassle free from ads. So here in this article, I am going to share information about Best Sites to Watch series Online Free. Here the best variants to help you to be satisfied with different stories or history facts that could help with assignment.

List of Best sites to Watch Series Online Free

  1. Crackle
  2. Tubi
  3. Yahoo view
  4. PopcornFlix
  5. Retrovision
  6. Yidio
  7. CW TV

Lest know in detail about above mentioned best website to watch series online one by one:

  1. Crackle:

Sony-crackle is the best site to watch series online free just because it has supported by Sony Tv. It makes trust among the people due to this website is owned by Sony Tv. Crackle is recently not available in India but you can also browse this website by using a VPN.

Crackle is a well organized and categorized website to watch series online free. There is a daily updated show of English series daily basis.  You can stream many series like Seinfeld, Firefly, the shield, and even anime shows online. Another best thing about this website is they have launched their Android and iOS application to Watch series online free.

  1. Tubi

Tubi is known for its free streaming system without doing any sign-up process. Yes, you don’t have to sign up anywhere on the Tubi website to watch series online free. Its world-class user interface attracts people to stitch on their website and get addicted to it. It allows you to watch the ultra HD Tv series online.

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Tubi has also its own Android and iOS application to watch series online free. In Tubi Tv, you are able to make your own Watchlist and also you can playback whenever you want you can watch TV shows hassle free. It has a world-class collection of TV dramas, Tv Comedy shows, Reality shows, etc in a well-categorized manner.


  1. Yahoo View

A few years ago, A company named Hulu sold its online streaming website because at that time there is no craze of such internet users. But Thankfully Yahoo has taken over this website and change the website name as Yahoo view.

It has the most beautiful collection of ultra HD TV shows, HD movies, Anime Series, Comedy, Drama, reality shows collection for free streaming.  Yahoo view is known for its High-quality videos and you can also stream recent and classic Tv shows.




  1. PopcornFlix

Based on Statistical data, in 2019, PopcornFlix is the best site to watch series online free among the user. It has vast categories like Dramas, action, sci-fi, Horror, Tv shows. If you are a90’s kid then you will definitely like this website as it has the best collection of Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Hedgehog, the legend of Zelda and many more Tv series which is the best part of the PopcornFlix.

  1. Retrovision

It is a world-class website that will help you watch TV shows for free online. The best thing about this website is it allows you to download for offline watching. The content of this website is hosted in public domain, so you are able to watch Tv shows, anime series, comedy shows, Dramas, hassle-free from annoying ads.

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As you can see there is the best collection which 90’s kid will definitely like that there is the best collection of cartoon series like Popeye, Richie-rich, tom and jerry, Justice League, Superman, and many more. They also collected TV shows and classic movies from past away from the ’50s and ’60s.  If you are eager to get the best experience of Online Series then this website is worthful to browse on your PC.


As I said earlier in this article, I have shared some best sites to watch series online.  If you are looking for the best sites and buffering free website then this website collection will worthful to use and browse on it.