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Nowadays, almost in every sector you will get bonuses according to your work but in this article we will talk about bookie bonuses that are provided by different bookies. We all love that word bonus because it’s basically free money that we get from our work but there are different types of bonuses that we should be aware of because some bonuses can give us problems. In this short article we will only discuss some bookie bonuses: different types of bonuses to be aware of.

To attract new customers, online bookies offer a variety of bonuses, like a Sports bet sign up bonus for example. A sign-up bonus is sometimes offered at the time of sign-up, plus other bonuses are available to loyal customers and to those who make large deposits. Let’s look at some of the bonuses available on different sites.

1. Sign-up or Welcome Bonus

The first time an account is opened and a deposit is made, almost all bookies will offer you a sign-up bonus. In addition to attracting you as a new bettor, the sign-up bonus also helps you to start with a larger bankroll. 

2. No Deposit Bonus

Signing up with an online bookie will often result in you receiving a no deposit bonus. Free no deposit bonuses are usually small in amount because they are offered for free. Additionally, these bonuses may be offered by sports betting websites during a special sporting event or promotion. 

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3. Cash Bonus

As opposed to percentage bonuses, cash bonuses are smaller bonuses offered by online bookies. The bonus money can nevertheless be used for any wagering or any other type of event that you may desire. 

4. Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are awarded to loyal customers, and sports betting sites use these bonuses to retain their wagerers, which generally involves you accumulating points every time you place a bet. 

5. Match Play Bonuses

Customers may qualify for match play bonuses only when they have met the minimum rollover requirements, which is different from cash bonuses. Match play bonuses are applied based on how the event is played. 

6. High Roller Bonuses

A bookie might offer you a high roller bonus if you have a large bankroll or can place large bets. This bonus is usually a percentage of the deposit amount and can greatly increase the amount of your bankroll. 

7. Bonuses on Loss

It is common for bookies to offer bettors a bonus on loss if they lose many of their bets. This bonus helps the bettors and keeps them in the bookies. It’s all about staying motivated and, if possible, putting a smile back on your face. 

8. Reload Bonus

Many bookies offer reload bonuses on the next deposits once you have received the welcome bonus, which is a smaller percentage as compared to the welcome bonus. The bookie sites may not offer reload bonuses regularly, but only during special promotions. 

9. Free Bet Bonuses

You can claim the winnings if you win your bets for free without making a deposit. Free bet bonuses allow you to place wagers without losing your own money. When you meet the wagering requirements, you will usually receive the free bet bonuses. 

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Above are examples of the different types of bookie bonuses you should be aware of if you are visiting any bookie. Please let us know if you think we missed any of the bookie bonuses. We have made our best to include all the bookie bonuses, but if we missed some, please let us know.  



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