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home security hacks

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your home is a sanctuary of safety and comfort for your family. However, even if you reside in the safest town, there is a possibility that your house can be burglarized. Various home security companies are coming up with advanced security measures to make sure your home is safe. Besides, a house break-in happens almost every time. However, don’t despair! There are numerous simple hacks that can help you enhance your home security.

Whether you want to upgrade your current home security system or you want to make your house less vulnerable to the burglars, these home security hacks will help. Besides, almost all the hacks are simple and budget friendly.

Install Home Security Cameras

Mounting indoor and outdoor home security cameras is one of the best things to do to discourage intruders from accessing your home.. In case there is a break-in, the security camera will capture some footage that will assist law offers to identify the culprits. Note that security cameras come in different types. Some are available as a complete home security system while others can be obtained as stand-alone security gadgets. Either way, the best home security cameras are the ones that came with advanced security features such as motion sensors, night vision, in-built WIFI.

Be Guileful With Your Spare Keys

The intuition of any burglar tends to be keen when it comes to searching for hidden outdoor keys. Therefore, never put your spare keys in easy to find locations like on the planter or under the doormat. Make sure you place the keys somewhere much less conspicuous and far from your house. Alternatively, you can swap your conventional lock system with top quality electronic keyless door lock that will work with your smart home system. You won’t have to stress about stashing a key any time.

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Replacing Your Front Door

While this home security hack needs more expertise and money than any other tips, it is worth it. A burglar will find it easy to break weak front doors, and for this reason, you need to protect your house with stable core front door or an extra security door instead of using a standard wooden one. If you can’t manage to invest in a new front door, try replacing the lockset that was built with your door with a long-throw deadbolt. Enhance the security of your home by installing an intelligent doorbell that lets you see who is that the door before you open.

Hide Your Valuable Possessions

Criminal aims to get in and leave your house as quickly as possible, grabbing your cash, electronic gadgets, jewelry and other items they can pawn or sell. So, make them work hard by securing these items in a top-notch safe. Check out various home safe buying guide to know what to look for when buying a safe and how to pick the best for your needs. Then, know what intruders love to steal and take appropriate measures to secure the valuables in your house.

Make it Look Like you’re Always Home

If an intruder believes that the home has some occupants, the chances of trying to break in are minimal. The truth is that the majority of break-in takes place when the house is unoccupied, such as when you and your family have gone on vacation. Luckily, there are numerous simple home security hacks to assist you to fool those burglars. For example, you can leave the TV or gadgets such as smart socket outlet to control lights via your smart devices. When going for vacation, take time and prepare your home by stopping mail deliveries, arranging your lawn to be attended to and requesting your friend to stop by. 

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Safeguard Your Yard

While it’s vital to ensure that the interior of your home is secure, it is also important to protect your yard. Intruders like hiding places, thus one of the best home security hacks is to trim the shrubs and other vegetation in your yard. Other tips to intruder-proof your patio comprise the installation of motion detector lighting and protecting sheds and other outdoor structures with robust locking systems.

Fortify Your Garage

The majority of homeowners don’t know how important it is to secure their garages. Note that your garage houses expensive machines, your vehicle and fast access to your house. Make sure your garage is always closed so that onlookers won’t see the contents. Also, lock the door that leads from your garage to your house, and install motion detector light on your garage. Reduce the possibility of garage burglary by not leaving the garage door opener in your car, especially when the car is left in the driveway. If you need a garage door opener but not sure which type you need, there are some comparisons of belt drive vs chain drive garage door opener online.


These house security life tips can assist make your house a safer haven, but one of the best things that will effectively protect your house is a quality security system.