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goan shrimp curry

Have you tasted something good this year yet? Where is the food? Don’t you want to bring some changes to your eating style? Something delicious and something that will fulfill the needs of your taste buds. There are plenty of dishes, but what is that one dish that you want to try out and don’t regret? It’s the Goan shrimp curry. One of the best dishes that you can try and not regret later. As amazing as you can even think. Nothing can beat such an amazing flavored curry.

What is the first question that pops up in your head when it comes to Goan shrimp curry? That is what are the ingredients required to make this amazing curry. Or how to prepare the dish and how much time it will take to prepare and cook Goan Shrimp Curry. And of course, what would it taste like, isn’t it? Let us help you find out the answers to all of these questions and any further doubts that have been clouding up in your head.

goan shrimp curry

What do you mean by Goan Shrimp curry?

When you think of Goan Shrimp curry, first imagine what it looks like. The smell of it and then the taste of it. Quite an imagination when you get it, you will understand how tasty the Goan shrimp curry is then. This curry has been made for a very long time and can be called one of the traditional dishes as well. It is made in most coastal areas where seafood is the prominent figure.

The curry has a dark yellow look and is savored by almost everyone. No one can say no to this curry as it is so tasty. Even the looks of it give you a look for trying this dish again and again. IT has been made for ages, and the recipe is passed down one generation after another.

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goan shrimp curry

Ingredients required to prepare Goan Shrimp Curry

There are steps to prepare the ingredients as well. Here are the names of the ingredients that will be helpful to you in order to prepare the paste for the Goan Shrimp Curry that will be added apart from the other ingredients.

Spices for making the paste

  •       Turmeric powder
  •       Cumin Seeds
  •       Grated Coconut
  •       Tamarind
  •       Small leaves of Coriander
  •       Red chili
  •       Peppercorns
  •       Milk made out of coconut
  •       Small grated and chopped pieces of garlic

All of these ingredients add up as one of the main ingredients that will require in making the Goan Shrimp Curry.

Rest of the main ingredients

  •       Finely chopped tomatoes
  •       Grated ginger
  •       Curry leaves
  •       Finely sliced and chopped onion
  •       Salt
  •       Shrimps
  •       Oil (Preferably coconut oil)

All of this makes up for the ingredients that you need to prepare your tasty and amazing Goan Shrimp Curry.

goan shrimp curry

Steps for cooking Goan Shrimp curry

Ready to spice things up in the kitchen and prepare the meal of the day. You might be surprised by this easy process, but it will be fun as you step into the kitchen and cook some delicious meals of the day.

Here is the process that you need to follow in order to make this traditional and tasty recipe for Goan Shrimp Curry:

  1.     The spices were discussed above in the ingredient section; gather them all together in one place in a mixer grinder. Toss it all in and grind it till it becomes like a smoothy. Add the tomatoes as well to it, and you will see the color of the smoothy becoming kind of orangish in color.
  2.     Once the smoothie is ready, keep it on the other side and prepare the cooking pan.
  3.     In the cooking pan, toss in some oil along with the chopped onions and ginger. And fry it until the onions become brownish in color.
  4.     After that, the blended mixture that you add to the cooking pan. To clear it all from the blender, add some water and then stir the mixture for some time.
  5.     After 10 minutes, you can add in the shrimps along with salt and then again stir the pan for some time.
  6.     Then, add some curry leaves to provide the Goan shrimp curry to give a hinge of traditional smell.
  7.     Close the lid of the cooking pan and then let it steam for around 10 to 15 minutes.
  8.     Now, you can open the lid and smell and taste the Goan Shrimp Curry you have made.
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You can serve it with rice or chapatis and enjoy the meal as much as you want. Following these easy steps, you can cook this delicious meal and make your tummy and your family’s tummy more than happy.

Things to remember while preparing Goan Shrimp Curry

There are a few things and tips that you should be aware of while preparing Goan Shrimp Curry. That will help you in better preparation of the meal that you have been trying to make. Here is what you should know:

  •       The Shrimp that you will be buying should be of fine quality. Make sure you do not get old shrimps. If the shrimp is bad, it will stink from the beginning.
  •       There is always a difference in the taste of frozen shrimps and alive shrimps. The alive and afresh ones taste much better.
  •       The mixture that you will be making should be blended smoothly and should not have any bubbles. If needed, you can add some water to cover it up.

Final thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! You can now enjoy the meal that you want to and also tell your friends about Goanese Shrimp curry. Let us know if you got the information that you were looking for or not.

Vikram Deo