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jinnie jazz

Jinnie Jazz: When it comes to being an actress, you choose life for yourself. You also get to choose the movies and series that you will be working on. But with all the work, popularity also comes along with it. The fame raises a few questions about you.

The questions might vary, but people will keep on interfering and asking. You cannot neglect them. And that is why you look for different sources to find out about someone and their background as well.

Jinnie Jazz is one such actress whom everyone is looking forward to seeing and learning more about. She has gained a lot of popularity from her new release series. But many do not know about her.

To keep learning about Jinnie Jazz, scroll down through the blog and read along!

jinnie jazz

Jinnie Jazz real name

The name that you have been reading all along is a nickname. It is not known who gave it to her, but it is similar to her real name. Maybe some of her fans or anyone in her family might have given the name.

She has been using this name since the very beginning of her career. But in reality, her name is Jinnie Jazz.

Jinnie Jazz Age

Jinnie has been working for quite some time. Her entry into the entertainment industry has not been known yet. But she started at quite a young age to be a model.

As per different sources, Jinnie Jazz was born in the year 1986. As of 2022, Jinnie Jazz is 33 years old. Perhaps a fun fact! Jinnie Jazz is going to celebrate her birthday soon.

She will soon be celebrating her birthday. Every year, Jinnie has been celebrating her birthday in the month of June on June 26.

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If you are her well-wisher, you can wish her well on her birthday as well!

jinnie jazz

Jinnie Jazz Family

Like most actors and actresses, even Jinnie shares the same traits. She tends to keep her personal life private as much as possible. She kept her parents’ names unknown for quite some time.

But it was not for too long. Her parents were soon revealed. Though it is not known what her parents’ professions are, only their names have been known until now.

Jinnie’s father is Joseph Cristy, while her mother’s name is Rajini Joseph. Once known about their professions, it will be soon updated on the blog as well.

Jinnie’s Jazz Qualifications

Jinnie Jazz went to the most reputed schools as well as college. Not many are as lucky as her to graduate from such a reputed school as well as a college.

From the name of the school and the college itself, we can identify her as one of a talented student.

As per sources, she went to St. Xavier’s School in Mumbai. She completed her entire schooling at St. Xavier’s itself.

But there is a doubt about her college. Some sources say that Jinnie Jazz went to St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. At the same time, some sources say that she went to St. Joseph’s College in Mumbai.

Once known about the exact college, it will be updated as well.

Jinnie’s Jazz Birthplace

Jinnie Jazz was born and brought up in the same place from the very beginning. She never got the chance to live in the city where she was born.

From her education to her career, she has done it all in the same city or place where she was born. Even though people call it the city of dreams, Jinnie Jazz made Mumbai her dream career. And grabbed the chance to be in the entertainment industry in the very city where it is most prevalent.

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Jinnie’s Jazz Career

From a very young age, Jinnie was interested in modelling. From that interest, she started working with different modelling agencies.

But soon, she caught the eye of some of the casting directors. And she started working with an app named Ullu. They produce a number of adult series.

She was cast as the lead role in the Ullu series. The name of the series is Charamsukh Jaane Anjane Mein. After the end of this series, she gets to be in the second part of that series as well. There she got the role of the leading actress. The second part is called Charamsukh Aate ki Chakki.

If you want to see Jinnie Jazz, you can always catch up with these two series. You can find the series on the online platform Ullu.

Jinnie Jazz Wage

Jinnie Jazz has been working on these two series only. But her demand has increased. She is now known as one of the top-rated adult series actresses.

As per sources, her salary thus depends upon whether she is working or not. But for each episode in the series that she has been working on, she charges around 1 lakh INR.

Jinnie’s Jazz Boyfriend

Jinnie has been more focused on her career than being involved with anything else. She never had the time to focus on anyone other than herself.

So far, there is no man that she has mentioned. Jinnie is single, and if she starts dating, it will be updated on the blog.

Final Thoughts

Jinnie has been working hard. But her primary goal is to be a successful actress. She sees Deepika Padukone as her role model and wishes to be like her.

This is all the information about Jinnie Jazz that has been gathered until now. Jinnie Jazz is currently residing in Mumbai and has been focusing on the series that she has been working for.

Let us know if you got the information that you were looking for about her or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to know about Jinnie Jazz!

Vikram Deo