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Jude Malcolm Yeun

We, as the audience, love to talk about our favorite actors or musicians. And we also love to talk about their children. In recent times, due to the paparazzi and the internet, we have gotten to know more and more about celebrity kids from a young age. And one name that’s quite famous at the moment is Jude Malcolm Yeun.

A child might be just a few weeks old and already be famous if they have famous parents. And if you keep up with the latest updates, you must have seen the adorable pictures of Jude Malcolm Yeun, son of popular actor Steven Yeun and his wife, Joana Pak. If you are curious to know more about this little human and his parents, keep reading.

Who is Jude Malcolm Yeun?

Little Jude is the son of actor Steven Yeun. He was born to his parents on 17th March 2017 and has been a source of joy to the family.

Jude is an American, but he is of Korean descent due to his parents’ ethnicity. As of 2022, Jude is five years old. The toddler has dark black hair and black eyes. He has started to attend kindergarten. Jude might be young, but he is already a big brother to his younger sister, who was born in 2019.

Jude Malcolm Yeun

About Jude Malcolm Yeun parents

Jude is famous even as a child due to his father. Steven Yeun is a well-known person in Hollywood. He is known mostly for his role in The Walking Dead and Burning.

Steven is an American actor of South Korean ethnicity. He was born on 21st December 1982. By the end of 2022, he will be forty years of age.

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Steven Yeun’s early life

Unlike a lot of Asian Americans, Steven was born in Seoul. And Steven wasn’t his real name initially. Since he is Korean, his birth name is Yeun Sang-yeop. And Steven was a name he received much later, only after coming to the United States.

After spending the first four years of his life in Korea, he traveled to Canada with his parents. And this was just the beginning. They lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, for a while. This is also where Steven’s younger brother was born. After a while, they moved to the states and settled down in Michigan.

Steven Yeun’s family

Growing up, it was just Steven, his parents, and his younger brother. Like most immigrant families, they had a nuclear family as most of their loved ones were back in Korea.

Steven was born to his parents, Je and Jun Yeun. As his younger brother’s name is Brian. And now, after marriage, Steven is husband to Joana Pak. The couple has two children together, Jude Malcolm Yeun and a little daughter whose name is unknown.

Jude Malcolm Yeun

Steven Yeun education and career

The acting was not something Steven had planned on pursuing. He took the way most people do and went to college. He completed his graduation with a bachelor’s in psychology from Kalamazoo College. In college, he became acquainted with the world of acting, and that was when he decided to pursue it.

What’s interesting is that Yeun started with sketch comedy instead of acting straightaway. He moved to Chicago and joined Stir Friday Night! This place, which was home to the Chicago Asian American sketch comedy troupe, helped him shape his career.

Eventually, he started working as an actor. Some of his most famous roles are in The Walking Dead (2010-2016) and Mayhem. Steven has played several roles, including guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory, Law and Order: LA, Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, and Invincible.

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Joana Pak

Joana is a famous photographer who is wife to Steven Yeun and mother to Jude Malcolm Yeun and a little girl. Let’s get to know her.

Joana Pak Early Life

Joana was born in the United States, unlike her husband, Steven. She was born in Arkansas on 1st October 1986. By the end of 2022, she will be thirty-six years of age. Much is unknown about her early life before meeting Steven. One of the only reasons she is famous is for being married to her actor husband. Steven. Joana did not have a very public life before and doesn’t have one now, either.

Joana Pak’s education and career

Pak went to Columbia College. And it was around that time she met Steven. Professionally, Joana is a well-known and successful photographer.

Joana Pak and Steven Yeun’s relationship

Joana and Steven met in Chicago when Steven was working with Second City comedy theatre. According to what the couple has said in interviews, Joana did not know Steven that well. They met through a common friend once but did not continue to stay in touch. It was almost a year later that they ran into each other at a bar.

Steven was working at the bar when Joana walked in, and he was very shy at first. They fell in love pretty quickly and started dating soon. After dating for a few years, the couple got engaged in 2015 and eventually got married in 2016. Their wedding was an intimate affair attended by only family and close friends. Now in 2022, they are happily married with two children.

Jude Malcolm Yeun

Final thoughts

Everyone gets eager to see pictures whenever a famous person has a child. Whether it’s right for the media to take pictures of newborn children or youngsters is debatable, but it is the trend. However, it is always pleasant when celebrities share pictures of their newborn children. It is nice to see them happy in their personal lives. People are thus very curious about Jude Malcolm Yeun and were very happy when he was born. What do you think of this famous little person? Tell us in the comments.

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