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Paystubs are the core of your payroll processing system, but that does not necessarily make them easy to manage. Even with only a handful of employees, finding a way to get them produced reliably and consistently without any errors or mistakes can take quite a while, and it can be a huge bottleneck for a brand-new company.

Simplifying your paystub can be the best way forward, but how do you do that without causing any issues in your payroll system?

Use Templates

Payroll templates are basically pre-created forms, such as payslip templates, for employees that you can just enter their information into instead of hand-calculating them. They save you a significant amount of time and have the added benefit of saving you some money, too.

Whether you download templates or create them yourself, they can save a huge amount of time if done correctly. Creating even a basic spreadsheet could allow you to auto-calculate important information, and a more complex spreadsheet system may even let you partially automate the way that you produce paystubs.

While templates are not always the solution on their own, they are something worth chasing, especially if you need a lot of paystubs to be produced under a tight deadline. A template can be an easy way to streamline the overall paystub production process, which speeds up your entire payroll processing system in the long term.

Use Online Paystub Generators

Good software is the backbone of payroll processing, and that does not always mean highly complex multi-functional tools. A paystub generator can be something that dramatically simplifies the employee payment process, all without requiring you to do much extra work beyond the initial setup.

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These tools can be used to translate your raw employee payment information into finished paystub documents, all based on the same template. This effectively means that you can skip most of the manual work involved in creating pay stubs and can instead bulk-produce them without much effort required.

While there is a range of these generators to choose from online, it is important to think carefully about which ones you are going for. Some of them are meant for specific kinds of paystubs or best suited to particular businesses, so it is good to explore your options ahead of time.

Streamline Everything

A large part of the problem that smaller businesses run into with their payroll is using bloated, sluggish methods to handle the payments. Often, simplifying things is as easy as making one quick change that you would have otherwise overlooked.

For example, using a single paystub generator tool that does the same job as the two tools you are currently using can cut down on a lot of the hassle and wasted time. This allows your business to produce paystubs at a faster rate, all while keeping the overall workflow of your payroll processing mostly the same.

The fewer steps you involve in the process, the easier it becomes to produce all of the paystubs you need before you hit any important deadlines. Make sure that you look at how your business handles payroll processing, and try to find any bottlenecks or weak points that might be slowing it all down.


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