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Never Summer Snowboards

Never Summer has emerged as the top snowboards brand for men and women. Established in 1991 in Colorado, the brand has an exquisite range of snowboards for snowboarders of all types. With winter around the corner, winter sports enthusiasts are gearing up for snowboarding. If you’re one of them, the first thing you need to do is select the best Never Summer Snowboards.

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a list of the top ten Never Summer snowboards you should try this winter.

Never Summer Snowboards: West Bound Splitboard Wide

On the very top of the list is the Never Summer West Bound Splitboard Wide. It’s one of the latest editions to the shaper series board family and has aroused the interest of many snowboarders.

Never Summer Snowboards
Never Summer Snowboards

There are several reasons to use the West Bound Splitboard Wide. It’s powerful and offers robust pop, float, and grip. The design, too, is youthful, making it an ideal pick for younger snowboarders. The snowboard has a power grip sidecut that provides superior hold on the climb.

Men’s Proto Synthesis

One of the most tech-advanced snowboards by Never Summer, the Proto Synthesis is a true beast when it comes to freestyle snowboarding. It’s ideal for all types of terrains, from parks to deeps to steeps. The snowboard has top-notch torsional rigidity and float, along with extra pop. Overall, you will get a stable and smooth ride with Proto Synthesis.

Is this snowboard good for you? Well, the Proto Synthesis is ideal for riding multiple directions and freestyle balance. So, while it’s stable, it may not be unforgiving. It’s best suited for experienced snowboarders who want to enjoy freestyle snowboarding.

Men’s Pro Ultra

If you’re looking for an ultra-freestyle snowboard that offers power and capability, the Proto Ultra will be the right pick for you. Designed by Chris Corning, an Olympic snowboarder, the Proto Ultra is lightweight yet powerful. It gives a smooth snowboarding experience, along with unparalleled edge hold.

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The snowboard is made of top-quality bamboo, and woods give it the strength and flexibility it has. The Pro Ultra has an extensive carbon fiber configuration that enables a prompt firm flex response.

Never Summer Snowboards: Shaper Twin Snowboard

The Shaper Twin Snowboard is one of the most versatile freestyle snowboards from Never Summer. It has a surfy feel to it and flows seamlessly through the ice. It has a fluorescent design that makes it look really cool.

Never Summer has made some unique adjustments to this model. It has a camber on the back that allows you to turn effortlessly without any issues. Also, the board’s nose is larger than its tail, helping it flow better. Further, the board comes with carbon stringers that give it a poppy look and feel.

Men’s Proto Slinger

If you need a snowboard for stability and pop, the Proto Slinger will get the job done for you. It is one of the best Never Summer snowboards for floatation and turns initiation. Many snowboarders consider the Proto Slinger the ultimate freestyling snowboard, as it’s the most freestyle you can get on a snowboard.

The Proto Slinger is a twin asymmetrical board with the Shockwave Rocker Camber Profile and soft flex. As a result, it produces a significant amount of power while providing you with the needed float and forgiveness.

Harpoon Snowboard

The Harpoon Snowboard is a volume-shifted board best suited for mountain-side free rides. It’s a versatile snowboard, and the subtle shift in volume makes it ideal for freestyle. What makes this snowboard unique from its counterparts is the aggressive camber it has under the bindings. You’ll also find a rocker at the center of the snowboard that gives it a playful feel.

Never Summer Snowboards
Never Summer Snowboards

Who should use the Harpoon Snowboard? Well, it’s ideal for mid-flexing freestyling, so if that’s your type of snowboarding, this snowboard might work just fine for you. The best thing about this snowboard is the ease of use. Almost any snowboarder, regardless of their snowboarding experience, can ride this snowboard.

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Never Summer Snowboards: Men’s Big Gun

As funny as it sounds, Men’s Big Gun is one of the top snowboards from Never Summer. The taper of this snowboard is 19 mm that provides a large surface area for snowboarding. If you’re a big person in terms of height or weight, the Big Gun could be the best pick for you.

Also, the size isn’t the only highlight of this board. It has an early Rise Nose that provides optimum floatation as if you’re swimming. Besides, there’s a taper for better control in technical lines and a Rocker Camber for capability.

Shaper Twin

Many snowboarders, especially Never Summer fans, call the Shaper Twin the best snowboard in the market. The snowboard has tapered in the direction, which provides solid edge hold. However, you should expect a strong float and pop, which will enhance the snowboard’s surfy feel.

Since the Shaper Twin is a directional twin, it provides you with a balanced feel. It also possesses top-notch capability and back bindings. For that reason, many snowboards refer to it as a deep pow’s crusher.

Men’s Swift

The final snowboard on the list is the Men’s Swift. If you’re a fan of Never Summer’s Shaper Series, you’ve probably already heard of the Men’s Shift. It’s the ultimate snowboard of the series, and many snowboarders regard it as the best snowboard of all time.

If you’re looking for a powder board for all conditions, your search ends with Men’s Shift. Whether you want to snowboard in hard snow or flow in deep powder, this snowboard has got you covered. It has 20 mm of taper for hassle-free flotation in powder. The aluminum protection on the tip and tail ensures maximum durability.

Conclusion: Never Summer Snowboards

With winter around the corner, snowboarders are getting ready for the upcoming winter sports season. If you’re one of them and looking for a good snowboard, the list of snowboards mentioned above can be a good starting point for you. Please note that each snowboard is different, so your choice should be based on your individual preferences.

Vikram Deo