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Modern smartphones running on Android offer not only the standard functions of the phone but also allow you to install game software. Many models perfectly cope with different games and let you find the perfect phone. Only a few people know that it is possible to install specific settings in the Android phone, allowing it to make the gaming experience smoother. And this is only some of the possible changes. Many valuable recommendations allow you to optimize your Android device to become the most productive.

FPS — The Main Performance Parameter

FPS, which can be found at, determines how many frames will be shown per second. The higher this figure, the smoother the animations will be. Picture movements will be more natural. The player will be able to react to the actions of the enemy.

It is essential that the FPS be 50-60, and ideally, 120, so that games have clear images and smooth transitions.

This figure depends on the phone’s hardware and performance. And even if the smartphone has excellent characteristics, it is necessary to close other programs before you play classic Wheel of Fortune slot.

Figuring out what frequency is needed for a quality picture and perception of the information, you should consider the game’s peculiarities. If the FPS is low and the program has a complex plot, this entertainment will not be pleasurable. Characters will move in slow motion. It is very uncomfortable to play in such a format. Moreover, such jerks affect the gameplay, often requiring speedy reactions from the gamer.

How To Increase FPS

If the indicator is insufficient, and you can expect more from the phone, you should perform several actions before starting the game. You can improve the performance of your smartphone, and therefore the FPS, in several ways:


Solution Actions
Upgrade firmware If there is no system auto update, you can manually download what is the latest android software update.
Reset to default settings
Disable widgets Various widgets are very resource consuming.
Adding memory card Allow you to free up storage by using an external drive.
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These simple steps will allow you to optimize your phone and improve the quality of your images. Then, you won’t need to find out what a is google android phone and look for other modern devices.

Frequency Of Screen Updates And Changing The Parameter

It is enough to change this parameter to get the most visual pleasure from the applications. It is defined in hertz and means how many updates occur per second.

You can change this parameter in many Android phones, for example, OnePlus or Samsung. It is enough to set the highest frequency value to improve the quality of visual effects.

If this feature is available on the phone, you need to do the following steps:

  • go to the settings section and click on the “Screen” menu;
  • find the section with the advanced settings and go to the section with the refresh rate;
  • select the most significant parameter.

After that, it is recommended to reboot the device and test the operation.

High-Speed Connection To The Internet

If the smartphone is needed to run online entertainment, the quality of your Internet connection will affect its performance. If the speed is insufficient, exchanging received and sent data will require more time. The game will freeze and slow down, not bringing pleasure.

To avoid this, you need to use a fast Internet connection, for example, Wi-Fi or 5G; it is possible to use mobile data transfer.

Using The Force 4x Function

It is available on some smartphones running the Android OS. The option allows you to improve the quality of SlotsUp casino games significantly. This resource offers a wide range of quality slot machines for money and free.

The main disadvantage is that the device runs down quickly when using the option.

If the phone supports this option, it is proposed to turn it on as follows:

  • go to settings, and then to the section about the phone;
  • press the build number 7 times;
  • go to the main settings menu again and select the system item;
  • move to developer options and find Force 4x MSAA, then activate it.

Immediately after activating the option, you can see significant changes. The generation and processing of scenes and images will be much faster.

Cleaning Your Phone From Junk Files

If your smartphone memory is overloaded, the performance decreases. If there are some unnecessary files, you need to get rid of them. As a result, the performance of your smartphone will increase, and you will get all the games here more pleasant; for example, free IGT slots can work according to the developer’s idea.

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The phone memory can store content from various sources:

  • documents that have been opened once in all time;
  • unnecessary multimedia;
  • uninstalled applications.

Many models of Android phones have a built-in option that allows you to find and delete unnecessary files quickly. To find this feature, you must go to the device settings and select a storage location. Here an option will be available that lets you free up space. It is enough to select rarely used items and select “Change.” You can also use special programs that allow you to get rid of unnecessary files.

Using Dolby Atmos

It helps you improve the quality of sound effects. The option is not available on every phone, but this feature is available on the models of the series. It is proposed to activate it independently in the settings. To do this, select a menu with sounds and vibrations, then go to the effects. To activate it, you will need to click the switch.

Programs For Speeding Up Games

There are special programs for Android that optimize your device. They adjust the parameters, ensure the stable functioning of the smartphone and independently turn off notifications that disturb you during the game. Conveniently, the options do not need to be adjusted manually. The installed program does all this. Most of these applications are free. For example, there is a well-proven utility called Game Booster. 

Using Special Accessories

Not only the installation of applications is available. Users can make various changes to the devices, contributing to improving the gameplay. For example, you can install an external game controller. With its help, it is easier to control the game’s actions. There are no problems with installing such an accessory because you need to connect it to the phone to start functioning.

Processor Overclocking

This method will allow games to process many more elements and improve the quality of the gaming environment.

Overclocking is available for most Android models. But before proceeding, you will need to root your phone. It is essential to be careful not to harm the smartphone.

You first need to install the kernel to increase the device’s speed. Then you must use a particular application, for example, Franco Kernel Manager, perfectly suitable for this task. 

Overclocking the phone will lead to overheating, and the battery life will become much less. But this method will use every unit of energy. 

You can also use other Android devices for gaming. Their optimization algorithm will be the same.