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Do you know that there are some regretted technologies? Being an expert who managed to find something useful for mankind, of course, is extraordinary things. If you become this kind of person, your name will be remembered by people in history.

But being an inventor means taking great responsibility. The reason is if the discovery is misused, the inventor becomes the one responsible.

The following line of technology was regretted by the inventor himself


Maybe what can be issued as the inventor of Facebook is the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. Zuck himself actually never regretted this discovery. Although many things have happened, many have spread through this platform, as well as the Cambridge Analytic data leak scandal that occurred last year.

But those who regret from the people at Zuck who took part in the development of social networks with icons like this thumb combination. It’s Sean Parker. Paker works on Facebook since Facebook is only the directory available for Harvard students.

Zuck also admitted Parker was a vital figure in the Facebook development platform to become a social network globally. Parker also brought many investors such as Peter Thiel to fund the development of Facebook.

But Parker agreed in 2017 that Facebook gained popularity by gaining “human psychological fragility.” This is obtained through the ‘Likes’ button which validates the greatness of photography, understanding, opinions, etc. posted on Facebook.

This makes Facebook something addictive, and Facebook says it wants to make people addicted to their platform so it’s a big goal.

Parker himself claims that he is now “skeptical of social media” after seeing how social media affects humanity.

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Pop-up ads

Who doesn’t know pop-up ads? Of course, everyone knows it and never with positive sentiment.

This type of internet advertising really sucks, even the inventor himself, Ethan Zuckerman, hates him. Ethan had this kind of advertising idea in the 1990s, at that time he was an employee of who served as a programmer and designer.

One time, a client who was a car company complained to Tripod because the advertisements they paid ended up appearing on a porn site. Not out of mind, Tripod arranges an advertisement that doesn’t appear on the original page of a web, but “appears” on a separate page. This will make advertisers not associated with the main page, even though it is a porn site.

Zuckerman then designed the code, and this was applied. This idea is popularly used even today.

Lapse of the next two decades, precisely in 2014, Ethan finally wrote in an online media namely on The Atlantic, where he apologized because his idea was adopted so that the main strategy of many advertisers was actually disturbing online users.

He offers a solution in the form of paying for online services to drive advertisements while getting privacy protection that is often threatened when accidentally clicking on ads containing Malware.

Atomic Bomb

A Physics professor named J. Robert Oppenheimer could be the person responsible for the death of many lives and also damage with massive losses. Basically, he is the inventor of the atomic bomb.

Of course, within a few years after his findings appeared, he apologized and asked for this idea was buried by himself.

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Oppenheimer was a member of the Manhattan Project which was a weapons developer in 1942. He himself took the lead role there until he was nicknamed the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” when renewing.

Initially, he was very enthusiastic and eager to develop this atomic bomb. But over time, he waited and left the Manhattan Project while saying goodbye to the current US President, Harry S. Truman, saying he had a ‘dirty hand’ for participating in developing the atomic bomb.


Airplanes are one of the best inventions of all time, because this is the best mode of transportation for long distance travel, even across the ocean.

The inventor was the Wright brothers, namely Orville and Wilbur. They both designed and built the Wright Flyer which succeeded in making the first rescue in history.

This made them popular, successful and published in history books as the inventors of airplanes.

Wilbur, finally passed the world only 9 years after the plane was discovered. He has typhus. However, from this perspective, it appears as if the parties to the dispute are calm.

Basically, Orville lives as a history of aircraft development in the next three decades. At that time, the aircraft used to carry and drop bombs in World War II.

In his interview in 1943 in the St. Louis Post, war is something that is contrary to the ideology of its invention. He opposed wanting his findings to bring peace, not damage and death.

Now, you have known about regretted technologies. So, be smart to use any kinds of technology.