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There will be times while you are studying that you need a little assistance. Whether you are a student in a grade school or college, you may find yourself needing help learning a course or writing a research essay. In this article, we are going to share with you the top 7 free and useful websites for students. What we mean by free is that you will not be charged something to become a member or to download any part off of these pages. Because ain’t nobody got time and money to that sneaky thing!

It is crucial to notice that this list is not solely based on someone’s personal opinion. Our college homework helpers and experts in writing urgent assignments have done extensive research on the topic and found out that these sites, in particular, tend to pop up in the bunch of other students “top 10” or “top best” lists. Moreover, there are sites which are genuinely loved by students all over the world. So, let us get on with it.

1. Wolfram Alpha: One of the Student Websites You Need to Know About!

Weird name, perfect study tool. If you need a resource for your math homework, Wolfram Alfa is a computational knowledge engine. It is a website to answer all of your questions regarding math, physics, art, literature, and so on. It gives the most scientific and structured answer possible to your questions, covering a vast array of solution topics for a thorough analysis of the subject. It is a great college homework helper which can solve your equations step by step, plot graphics, and so on.

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Why is it one of the best websites for college students? Wolfram Alfa has such a simple concept! The creators have done such an amazing job to help students out. Guys, if you are doing chemistry, physics or math, check this out. In case you have a math formula you can’t understand, copy paste it into a search bar and this website not only solves the problem but will also give different examples, drawings, and explain everything with images and colors.

2. BibMe

It is something we wish existed, or we had access to when we were in an undergraduate degree and had to write a bunch of papers. It is basically the resource which does the citations for you. You just select the style in which you want to have the essay (APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard), enter your website, name of the article, newspaper or book, and BibMe will generate the full-blown citation for you. All you need to do is to copy paste and put it in the research paper.

It can also extract the important elements that you would need in a citation so that if you want to practice and do it on your own, you have all the details there.

3. Edx

Edx is a non-profit organization that aims to promote free education worldwide. Here you can find anything you would like to learn or know more about for free. We are talking about computer science, software engineering, English exam preparation, psychology, space, aliens, etc. Creating an account takes two minutes, learning takes the whole life.

However, if you want to be legitimately recognized, receive some tangible proof that you have taken a course (let us say you are trying to learn SPSS for school) or you would like to put it on your CV, you would have to pay $49 for the website to give you a specific certificate. Do you want to learn and have some fun? Zero cost.

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3. Cliffs Notes: One of the Most Useful Websites for Students in High School

It gives you anything that you would need to know about any book. You have a chapter by chapter summaries, character analysis, and even an example of comparative and descriptive essays. Why have not you checked this off yet?

4. Koofers

Koofers is one of the best and most efficient study websites for college students. It is really famous for its practice tests, flashcards, their professor ratings and for creating a forum where you can ask questions on different topics, and join groups that are specific to what you are studying. Get your answers as soon as possible!

6. Course Notes

It is another hidden diamond that no one knows about. It has some chapter by chapter notes on some of the majority of textbooks in high school and college. We found four out of five textbooks we were using during studying.

7. Grammarly: One of the Most Helpful Websites for College Students

What is one of the best apps to help you study and get the highest score? Grammarly. It is an extension for your web browser that corrects your writing across all the websites. It is especially useful for writing emails, essay writing and note taking since it automatically generates suggestions in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and structure, so you achieve the most perfect text. The extension itself is very discrete – in most text boxes online you will find a green arrow. That arrow would turn red if it detected a mistake in your writing. You can also use Grammarly’s own text editor for a better layout and access to a better vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism filter in case you upgrade to premium. Of course, it is not the full list of useful websites for college students, but it is a great starting point for your A+ essays and research papers!

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