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Apps for Video Editing

Once upon a time, editing videos on a phone was a laughable concept. The technique and software required to pull it off could just not be compressed in so small a device. Today however, your smartphone has more than enough power to conquer the world and editing videos is a piece of cake.

While many people prefer using the best video editing software for Windows, desktop versions are usually more expensive, which makes them hardly suitable for those who are on a tight budget.

There are a number of video editing apps out there to choose from. Some offer simple services that allow you to stitch together scenes while others still let you explore various options and offering a multitude of transitions. If you’re wondering which one you should try, fret not. We’ve compiled a list of the best to ensure you can make high quality, impactful videos with ease.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is a well-known software house and its products give enough cause. Adobe Photoshop is unmatched and so it’s unsurprising that there video editing is bomb as well!

The Premiere Clip offers a bunch of neat features. You can create a video using an automatic editing function if you’re looking to get it done quickly, or you can use the more advanced customized editing features and trim clips, tamper with the music levels and dialogue, and more. You can even sync your video to a soundtrack of your choices as well as experiment with titles and transitions. The best part, it integrates well with other Adobe apps like Lightroom giving you a whole studio at your fingertips. If this doesn’t amaze you, we doubt much else will. 


As the name suggests, this one only works of apple devices so if you use one, you’re in luck because this app offers it all. It lets you create Hollywood-style trailers by allowing you to choose between 14 trailer templates. It also offers eight unique themes which is great for movies. You can add credit rolls, studio logos, and more. It can fix shaky videos. You weren’t expecting that now, were you? The best part, though, is that it supports 4K resolution. Crazy, right? Another great features it boasts of is a seamless transfer between Apple devices via iCloud Drive and Airdrop. 

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GoPro revolutionized video making for the average man with its great products. So, how can it miss out on the software needed to back it all up? Giving you the full end-to-end experience is key after all.

Quik is great. It analyzes your video clips, detecting faces and colors along the way to help you frame the captured footage in the best possible way. You can transition a maximum of 200 photos and videos and add effects to them. The app allows you to zoom in and trim and rotate the footage. You can choose from 26 themes and a range of fonts and filters when editing your masterpiece in cinema, portrait or square format. 


Another one of GoPro’s creations, Splice is a great app to have on your phone. It gives you the desktop editing performance, but only on your iPhone and iPad. While Android users may despair, it gives Apple users an edge that they are sure to flaunt. 

Splice boasts of a range of editing tools like cropping, trimmings, speed controls, effects, animation, music, titles, and transitions. It even offers free music ensuring your videos never get tagged for copyright infringement. It’s no surprise then that the app has such a huge, robust following. Go ahead, give it a try. We guarantee you’ll love it. 


This app is the one-stop solution to all your visual content editing needs. From videos to pictures, it covers them all. You can trim footage, change its speed, add music, filters, and of course text. You can even rotate the pictures and videos. It’s a simple feature, but you’ll be surprised to learn how hard it is to come by. However, if you’re not willing to spend some money, you can’t use the videos you make. The watermark is sure to be a problem, but for $2.99 you won’t have to worry about it.

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Funimate video proofreader is ideal for making fun recordings without any problem. It can immediately change regular minutes into innovative recordings and empowers programmed sharing alternatives to various social destinations. It has more than 100 propelled video impacts that are intended to be an ideal counterpart for altering short recordings. You can even make short video circles that can be engaging. 

Funimate requires marking in before utilizing the application. You can likewise get devotees and follow different records in it. It is one of the free video altering applications, yet the showed advertisements can be irritating.

Special Features of Funimate 

  • In excess of 100 propelled video impacts for making cool recordings 
  • DIY impacts from prior photographs put away in your cell phone 
  • Highlight to make collab recordings with companions 
  • A committed Funimate video network


VivaVideo has a great deal of amazing video altering highlights. The application is astutely intended to assist you with making proficient looking recordings legitimately from your Android. You can browse several easy to use impacts that run from stickers and channels to enlivened clasps and captions. It has an inbuilt moderate movement video producer and slideshow creator. The basic elements of reordering recordings, cutting, blending cuts, and so on can be effectively worked. 

VivaVideo has more than 200 million clients worldwide and furthermore a standout amongst other video altering applications for Android. You can likewise straightforwardly share your work on various long range informal communication locales. 

Special Features of VivaVideo 

  • Worked in moderate movement video supervisor. 
  • A wide assortment of composition formats and subjects to browse. 
  • Video composition producer for blending video cuts.

Final Words

There you go, you’re sure to find an app in this list that suits your needs. Wow internet connection can help you download it and its high-speed internet connection ensures you can upload your footage for viewing on social media apps with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Amateur or professional, they’ll work out perfectly for you. So, go ahead and check them out.


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