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If you love technology, you must love what is in store in home automation. Who would have thought that it would be one day possible to clean your pool without any manual input in the 1990s? Today, you are not only able to get your pool automatically cleaned, but you can also remotely control your home air conditioner and even monitor your home from your office. Technology has helped make tasks that used to be tedious and difficult easy and enjoyable. With the latest technological innovations, the home environment is becoming safer and cheaper to maintain. Some of the upcoming home automation trends that will make homes perfect heavens in the near future include:

Central home control

Today, a programmable thermostat is already beginning to sound like a past technology. That is how quickly the landscape of home automation is changing. Imagine your home responding to your immediate needs with only a single input. In today’s home automation, the remote feature applies to a single unit at a time. In the near future, it would be possible to wake up in the morning listening to your favorite music and go to an already warm bathroom and then to a ready breakfast. In the evening, you will be coming home to an already comfortable home with music playing in the background. In the future home automation trends, the possibilities can only be limited by your imagination.

Easy real gadget control

Today, it is possible to get your gadget play music remotely thanks to the internet of things. However, what happens when you do not like the song that is playing? Most likely, you will have to press play next manually or with remote control. In the near future, that will be outdated. With some of the advanced home automation devices being able to recognize expressions, you can expect that to gain popularity of the next few years. You can expect devices that recognize and respond to signals and facial expressions, gaining popularity in the coming years.

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App home control

Today, you can easily control the smart devices in your home with an app. For example, it is super-easy to make the tiger shark pool vacuum cleaner start cleaning your pool remotely by just pressing start feature in the app. Installing the manufacturer’s app on your smartphone gives you the power to control your pool cleaner. Furthermore, with a smartphone, you can also control the security cameras in your home and even your smart air conditioner for a safer home. However, the challenge with most smart home automation devices is that each device comes with its app, which means that you will have to install multiple apps on your device to remotely control your home. In the near future, it would be possible to control everything in your home with a single app or even with smartphone embedded features.

More smart robots

Other than the pool and home cleaning robots, you should expect to see more robots in homes in the near future. Technology advancements have made it possible to have robotic assistants at home. Today, it is possible to have a robot that you send to get you a can of your favorite drink from the fridge. It is also possible to have a conversation with a robot, which means that staying at home alone will no longer be a problem. The robotic manufacturers are also designing a robot that can function as a pet without all the challenges of maintenance. The robots can also stay with your child when you step out keeping your child engaged, entertained, and secure by responding to your child expressions and needs. Robots are also playing a big role in home security. In the near future, you should expect the robots to gain popularity as manufacturers add more functionality.

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What is possible in the future home automation can only be termed as maddening and exciting. With every new technology, the reality of a fully automated home is increasingly becoming a reality.