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Being accused of a Title IX violation can be a devastating feeling and despite the verdict, the legal process will be difficult for you. However, the accused also have rights that protect themselves against unfair treatment or abuse by the judiciary or any public institution. But before we proceed with learning about the rights that are guaranteed to the accused in a Title IX violation, let us read what Title IX is. Title IX is a federal law that prevents wrongdoing toward students based on their gender. In short and simple words, Title IX guarantees students protection against sex-based discrimination at any institution that accepts federal funding. According to a Texas Title IX advisor, here are some of the rights guaranteed to a Title IX violator:

Right to be notified about the accusation

As the accused party, you have the right to know in detail about the acquisitions that the complainant has filed against you. There should be no findings that should be hidden and you have the right to get information about the case.

Right to re-presentation 

The law states that anyone accused of any crime is entitled to representation by a good attorney. And you have the freedom to choose the attorney of your choice, or the court will assign a government attorney to your case, if you are accused of Title IX violations.

Right to be treated with dignity

No matter what the verdict is, before the case closes, you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect throughout the process. And in case anyone tries to abuse you physically or verbally, you can bring it to the notice of the court.

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Right to present evidence and witness

In any defense case, the evidence and witness can have a huge impact. And just like the complainant, the accused also has the right to present their side of evidence and witness to the court. It will help in establishing the facts of the case and help you get a lesser severe punishment or free you if you were falsely accused.

Title IX is associated with making equal opportunities available to all students of their gender. It also applies to athletic programs and prevents people from sexually harassing, abusing, violating, or threatening someone. Thus, you should be aware of the rights that govern you, even when you are accused of violating the laws. Moreover, if you are accused of violating Title IX laws but feel that your legal rights have been violated, you can hire a Title IX defense attorney and help mitigate the issue to the court.