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Modern technology has brought a change in every aspect of our life including education. There are many smart devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones that can help a student in their academics. Now students don’t need to carry loads of books as everything is accessible on their smartphones. Whether you have to make a presentation or make notes, smartphones will be at your assistance.

With the help of gadgets on disposal, students can concentrate on their studies in a better way. In this blog, we will discuss the different ways in which a smartphone helps in improving the classroom experience.

You Can Read Books:

The first benefit of using a smartphone is that you can get access to any book through a single click. There are many online apps like Kindle that provide eBooks, or you can get a PDF version of books. You can read online or download the whole book conveniently. The introduction of the audiobook has also come in handy for students. It saves you from the inconvenience of carrying heavy books as you have all the reading material in your pocket.

A smartphone stand will allow you to read books while doing something else. This lets you multi-task and gets a lot of things done right away. This tool will also keep your hands from getting tired from holding your phone for long periods of time.

Source: USnews

You Can Record Lectures:

If you struggle to pay attention to your professor in class, there is no need to worry. With the help of smartphones, you can record the lecture and listen to it whenever you want. There is a choice of both audio and video recording on smartphones. You cannot miss any details if you have a recorded lecture and it will help you in understanding the topic. You can ask your professor before recording, and most probably he would not have a problem with it.

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You Can Interact With The Teacher:

Whether you need help regarding a question or have a query about a test, you have to connect with your professor. Smartphones come in handy in such a case as you can reach out to the teacher instantly. It will save you from roaming around the campus that is inconvenient and wastage of time. You can ask your teacher about the preferred way of communication and contact him accordingly.

You Can Use Tools:

There are many times when you require help from tools while studying in the classroom. If you have a smartphone, you can get any tool online. In addition to inbuilt tools, you can also download specialized tools for different subjects and topics. These tools can help you get a better grip on the concepts resulting in better class presence.

Source: TheGuardian

You Can Keep Track of Your Schedule:

Different students around the world struggle to cope up with their hectic schedule. A smartphone helps you to keep a calendar including your future assignments, quizzes, and other events. It can save you from surprises, and you can prepare better if you know what’s coming up. You can also put reminders on your smartphone’s calendar to ensure that you don’t forget.


You Can Research:

Research is an essential aspect of academics and can be a daunting task if you don’t have ample resources. You cannot always have access to the library, and even if you do, you may not find the relevant material. With the help of a smartphone, you can do all kinds of research. Search engines are the easiest sources of information for everyone including students. You can write any topic and get tons of related searches for it.

The best part is that a smartphone offers you the information in all forms including audio, video, and text. Whether you want to listen to podcasts or need access to research articles, you can do it on your smartphone.

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Source: Hindustantimes

You Can Have Online Discussions:

In school, you are in constant need to interact with individuals from teachers to fellow students. Sometimes you want help related to an assignment or want to talk to your classmates about an upcoming event.

In such cases, a communication platform can be helpful, and smartphones provide you that. You can make online chat groups and add your teachers and class fellows on it. A healthy debate will lead to a better bonding amongst individuals and positive environment in the class.

You can also join different discussion forums online that are related to your field of study. They can be beneficial in providing help whenever required.

It Helps in Assignments:

Assignments are an integral part of all levels of education and students usually struggle to keep track of them. With smartphones, you can have all that you need to deliver your assignment successfully. You can put a list of your assignments with due dates on different software like Dropbox. This will keep you updated about the upcoming deadlines.

On a smartphone, you can do assignments on the go enhancing productivity. You can also note down the important points of an assignment which will help you in doing it faster.

Source: FacultyFocus

It Helps in Time Management:

Time management is one of the biggest concerns of students. From assignment deadlines to exam preparation, time is a deciding factor in academic life. A smartphone will help you in managing things timely in your classroom. You can put an alarm for important events or set a timer to focus on a task better. There are also many time management apps available online that can help you do things timely.

You Can Take Notes:

Gone are the days when students had to write everything down from the board to prepare a notebook. Now you can take notes through a single click on your smartphone. You can transfer slides of any course on your phone and save them in google drive or phone memory. In case your professor teaches by writing on the board, taking a picture is the best idea.

Source: Medium


Technology can be beneficial and distracting for academics depending on its usage. Smartphones can be helpful for students in their studies if used wisely. All the information mentioned above highlights the role of smartphones for better productivity of students in their classes.