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These days, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all the latest tech novelties. Back in the ol’ days, it was “Darn you kids with your rock n’ roll music!” Now, it’s “Darn you kids and your Fortnite!”

While you may be able to figure out Fortnite pretty easily since around a quarter of a billion people play, the latest trends and gadgets may seem foreign to you.

Along the same lines of technology, the internet can be an incredibly educational but scary place. You never know who may be on the other end of their Twitch stream, who they’re talking to via voice chat or what subreddits they’re subscribed to on Reddit.

So not only do you feel there’s a steep learning curve, but you’re also trying to protect them from whatever else is out there.

If you’re looking for some fun activities to do together, here is a small list that you can get started on today.

Make a Movie

Remember the days of grabbing a camcorder, heading outside and filming something you and your friends invented? Not only did it get you out of the house, but it was also a great way to be creative and have tons of fun.

If you wanted to edit it, however, it might have been a different story. Gone were the chances for all the cool graphics and flying text.

Nowadays, however, doing all of this is much much easier. If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve already for a video camera that’s of better quality than the ones you used to have. In addition, uploading footage to a computer is a simple as using a cloud service or simply plugging in the USB cable.

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Once you’re on the computer, both Windows and Macs alike have free software that makes editing, putting in music or creating titles very easy. It’s a fun way for you to do something out of the box with your kid. Let them go crazy while making the script and directing while you play the role of assistant director or cameraman. Just be warned that they make ask you for a “double latte with whipped cream” while sitting in their director’s chair after awhile.


Can programming really be something you can do with your kids? Yes, it definitely can. There are plenty of programs for children that will guide them along the way and are available for all ages.

These programs look more like games and they are one of those “learn when you don’t know you’re learning” type of tricks. If you want to wait before investing money in a possible hobby, a great and free program to check out is Scratch. Scratch lets kids make their own video games or stories while learning programming basics.

Their game won’t look like Call of Duty of Fortnite, but it’s a great way for them to create their own thing.

Make a Website

Internet safety is of growing concern among parents and finding out the best way to teach the safest practices can be challenging. You might get some of those “I know, Mom” followed by eye-rolls.

What better way to combine a crash course on internet safety with a fun activity than by helping them make their own website?

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First, you’ll have to come up with a theme. If they’re having trouble narrowing down what they want to do, give them a few suggestions. Have them write down their own hobbies or a topic that interests them. Do they like sports? Have them make a cool sports website. Maybe the grandparents live on the other side of the country? They can make it a fun journal. They can post some of their homemade movies there as well.

Another time for them to be creative is choosing a domain name. You’ll want to search and make sure it’s available, so have a list of backups just in case.

PC Building

This project, admittedly, is for those who are a bit more technologically advanced but it not nearly as hard as it seems. A large part of PC building is reading an instruction manual and matching the triangle with the triangle and the circle with the circle.

You can teach your young ones about the ins and outs of a computer while showing them how something works. They can make little reports for you on what pieces go wear and how everything works. Not only that, it can be the foundations for an IT career later in life. The IT industry is prepped to be on the rise for the next few decades and it’s a great way to ensure they’re going down the right path.