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abhishek chatterjee wife

Abhishek Chatterjee wife: Sometimes, you stay in mid of doubt. Cannot get over what has happened. But the people from outside do come up and keep reminding you. What do they remind you of? The memories that you have been living so far have gone. Among those people, understanding which ones are the genuine ones is very difficult to understand. But there is a limit to what you can hear.

Similarly, Abhishek Chatterjee’s Wife has also given up. She is still grieving about what has happened. But media does not seem to stop. And keeps on meddling with the life of the Chatterjee family.

You might be thinking, what is the real story behind the wife! Years when no mention was there, everything had been passing by well and good. But now, after the passing of her husband, society thinks of her more. Keep reading through the blog to find your answers about Abhishek Chatterjee Wife!

abhishek chatterjee wife

Who is Abhishek Chatterjee’s Wife?

The well-renowned actor Abhishek Chatterjee was married. He had tied knots with a beautiful and warm-hearted woman. They have been together for almost a decade now. But now, many were aware of the whereabouts of Abhishek Chatterjee’s Wife.

According to sources, it has been found that the Chatterjee Family liked to lead a low-profile life. There was no hype about who were the members or part of Abhishek Chatterjee’s life. But he had his bride with him all the time.

In his hard time or a good time, Sanjukta Chatterjee has known to be stuck together with him. She never left the side of her husband. Their love can be understood by some of the posts on Facebook on Abhishek Chatterjee’s account.

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Abhishek Chatterjee’s Wife’s Career

It has never been that a woman has been a completely dependent woman. In this era, hardly you will get to see someone depending on their husband. Even if the woman is not working full time, she will be doing something.

But Abhishek Chatterjee had given his full support to his wife. As per sources, she has been working with a firm for a very long time. The firm called FilmTech has its work US-based. She has been continuing working in the firm till now and might continue in the future as well.

abhishek chatterjee wife

When did Abhishek Chatterjee and his wife tie knots?

Abhishek Chatterjee’s initial years have been focused on his career. But before that, he was just into studies and was a part activist.

But soon, he met Sanjukta. There is no information on whether the couple did a love marriage or an arranged marriage. But it is for sure; the couple had a great marriage life.

According to sources, Abhishek Chatterjee and Sanjukta Chatterjee had tied their knots back in 2008. But nothing about the month and the date of the marriage has been shared.

Did Abhishek Chatterjee and his wife have any kids?

The married couple Abhishek Chatterjee and Sanjukta Chatterjee did bear a child. They had an only child, and it meant the world to them. Till now, she has become the reason for Sanjukta Chatterjee to keep on with her life.

The couple had a pretty little daughter. She is still in her childish age and bears a very pretty name. Her name is Saina Chatterjee. It has been known that Saina and Abhishek Chatterjee bear a very close bond, which has been noticed in Abhishek Chatterjee’s posts on Facebook.

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The three of them, Abhishek Chatterjee, Sanjukta Chatterjee, and Saina Chatterjee, have led a very close life with each other.

How has Sanjukta Chatterjee dealt with the passing away of her husband, Abhishek Chatterjee?

It has been a piece of very disheartening news about the passing away of actor Abhishek Chatterjee. His sudden death has caused quite a wave in the Bengali Film Industry. Abhishek Chatterjee is one of the prominent actors who began back in 1986.

But with all the losses incurred, the most affected person was his wife, Sanjukta Chatterjee. She never came out and spoke about her feelings. But with all the condolences that she has been receiving, she must be proud of her husband’s career. She has mentioned that through this hard time, their daughter has been a great help to her.

What did Sanjukta Chatterjee write on late actor Abhishek Chatterjee’s Facebook Account?

Sanjukta Chatterjee mentions that she has been glad about all the condolences being shown towards her husband. But what is disheartening is that the people think how the two, Sanjukta Chatterjee and Saina Chatterjee, have been surviving!

She mentions that she has a well-to-do job to take care of herself and her daughter. And not only that, after the passing away of late actor Abhishek Chatterjee, they did not face any survival issues. She is glad that her husband was such a genuine person that he left all he could give them.

When did Sanjukta Chatterjee lose her husband Abhishek Chatterjee?

The late actor Abhishek Chatterjee is no more a part of the Bengali Film Industry. Many showed their condolences, including the Mayor of Kolkata as well as the Chief Minister of West Bengal.

The late actor lost his life due to cardiac arrest. The actor had been feeling unjust for the past two days and returned from his work early as well. Soon, he was admitted to the hospital. And on 24 Match 2022, the actor took his last breath.

Final Thoughts

It is for sure that Sanjukta Chatterjee must have been suffering a lot after her husband’s passing. We all have our condolences for her in this grief situation.

Let us know if you learned about Sanjukta Chatterjee or not. Also, share this blog with those who want to know about Abhishek Chatterjee’s Wife!

Vikram Deo