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Are you looking for any writing competition? Do you wish to show your skill to the world? Do you convey your ideas and feelings through words? Here is the excellent opportunity in the form of International Essay Competition organized by The contest is supported by various local NGOs.

There are many exciting prizes for different categories with respect to language, age,etc. The award is sponsored by various corporate houses under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Scheme. There will be participation certificate and gift vouchers for all the participants. This campaign is for promoting young mind. The registration is kept FREE so that under privileged students also can participate in more numbers. The jury members, for judging the essay consist of different field from different highly reputed organizations, including Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Civil Servants, Doctors etc. The PARTicipants can participate in three languages – English, Hindi and Benagli.

This campaign is organized as an activity to offer skill development opportunities among the youth with respect to the writing field. It will help with rural people empowerment programs in India.

The essay competition is purely a societal activity with the intention of the betterment for the writers, who loves to write and express their ideas.  The the judgement is purely un-biased with respect to gender, caste, nationality or any other specific criteria. For those participants who resides in the remote areas and the internet is not available, offline submission through post is also encouraged. There shall be different essay topics every-month, which will be announced through the website

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Participants are encouraged to visit the site for all the updates or contact through e-mail (

The deadline for the submission is 25th of every month and the result is announced in the first week of every month through the website.

For more details please visit